I really didn’t want to do a political post. I’m tired of politics and have been for some time. I am not a fan of the President-elect. Nor was I a fan of Mrs. Clinton. I felt both of them had so much baggage they wouldn’t be able to get off the election train and find their way to the White House without another scandal of some sort occurring. But, whether I like it or not, Donald Trump is our President-elect. I might not like him but I do respect the Office of the President. I also expect the representatives and senators elected from my area to do their jobs and try to protect that which is important to our districts/states. We elected a president and not an emperor, despite what the MSM might have us believe.

And that isn’t the point of my post today. What is happens to be the double-standard I see being applied by the pundits and Hollywood/Broadway stars (and I use that term loosely in some instances). Last night’s music awards — sorry, I don’t follow that particular awards show, so I don’t recall the name — had a skit where some “name” portrayed Mrs. Trump. Complete with bad accent, the so-called humorous skit had her talking about her husband, Barack Obama, and her children, Sasha and Malia. Oh, the howls of laughter and applause. Everyone loved how the new First Lady was made to look like a baffoon.

Where was the outrage? Here they were making fun of someone who immigrated to this country, who held down a job and who will soon become the First Lady of the United States. Where were the voices calling out the “star” for her prejudice in portraying Mrs. Trump as she did? I guarantee you, those same voices who applauded last night would have been howling in outrage had that been someone doing the same sort of skit but with Mrs. Obama as the “star”.

We see liberals screaming and crying that every person who did not vote for Mrs. Clinton is a prejudiced, mysoginistic ass — and that happens to be some of the nicest things they have been saying about us. It doesn’t matter why someone chose not to vote her. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t vote for Trump. All that matters is we did not vote the way they wanted us to.

Four and eight years ago, we were told to shut up and respect the Office of the President and to give President Obama a chance. Yet those same voices are already calling for President-elect Trump to be impeached. He hasn’t even taken office and they want him out. When those who were pleased Mrs. Clinton did not win the election say anything, they have been told that they need to shut up and let the Clinton supporters grieve because they are “scared”. Hell, college professors gave students unable to cope with the election results a pass on examines at places like Yale.  But did they show the same sort of respect when those who had not supported President Obama wanted to voice their disapproval or disappointment?

Hell no.

Then there are those who are actively trying to sway those who will cast votes in the electoral college. Why? Because Trump won more electoral college votes than did Clinton even though she won the popular vote. Guess what? That’s not the way it works. Besides, isn’t it just a little hypocritical to demand a change to the electoral college voting system when the party backing Clinton believes in super delegates. Remember, this is the same party that actively conspired to keep Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.

Here’s the thing, folks. I don’t like Trump. I hope he surprises me — pleasantly so — once he takes the oath of office. But I’m not holding my breath. There are systems in place to deal with him if he fails as president. However, do not expect me or anyone else to sit back and smile and nod and pat your head when you have spent the last eight years condemning us for not supporting Obama in the elections. We took our lumps and now it is time for you to do the same.

Oh, and maybe you ought to look at why Mrs. Clinton lost the election. I guaran-damn-tee you, a lot of folks who voted Trump did so not because they agreed with him but because they felt Mrs. Clinton would be a worse choice. A lot of Trump voters would have voted 3rd party if the system wasn’t rigged against a successful 3rd party candidate. (Don’t believe me, ask yourself why most presidential debates never include 3rd party candidates. Or ask yourself why it is so difficult for them to get on so many state ballots.)

I’m not saying you have to agree with me or support Trump without question. Far from it, in fact. He and his Cabinet need to be watched and questioned and challenged whenever they step out of line — hell, before they do. However, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to apply the rules you demand we follow to yourselves. It really is a case of getting away from the “do as I say and not as I do” mentality.

For the next four years, I plan to closely follow what happens on Capitol Hill and in the White House. I have no qualms about contacting my senators and representatives to voice my opinion. I have no problem letting the White House know how I feel either. However, no matter what I feel about the man in the office, I will respect the Office of the President. After all, the most the man can be there is eight years. That is the joy of our system.


  1. Aye. I am *NOT* thrilled with Trump. But I viewed Hillary as worse for various reasons. The one thing that helped? Trump would get resistance rather than rubberstamping or shilling. And… he’s getting resistance. While I am not in agreement with most of its nature (so far), it is at least there.

  2. During George W.’s administration we heard “it’s patriotic to disagree with the President”.

    During Obama’s administration we heard “if you disagree, you’re racist”. 🙁

      1. But the result is simply that “racist” is now value-less expression. Call it “crying wolf” or a lesson in antibiotic resistance (overuse it/ use it for the wrong things… and it becomes ineffective) the result is the same. A response of, “(yawn).”

  3. I find it easier to not talk about things. Most of the people I sell to these days are involved in HEMA {Historical European Martial Arts}, and a very high percentage of them are liberal. Just talk shop {swords and their properties}, nod, and look dumb {really natural to do}.

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