Destiny Release Day +1

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Release days are tough on writers. We worry and fret. We watch our sales numbers. We chew on our fingernails–and other things–as we wait for the first reviews to come in. That has been especially true with Destiny from Ashes. I’ve loved this series and that made this book so very difficult to write. It is the close of the current story arc. Some of my favorite characters have died along the way. Others have been injured. None have come out unscathed. And the question has always remained: will the readers like the series/individual books?

So imagine my relief this morning when I rolled out of bed and fumbled to the computer to see where the book stood. I swallowed hard, steeling myself for what I’d find. I knew better than to look before coffee but I’m me and I needed to see if any reviews had come in.

So here’s a shoutout to “Bookaholic” who made my day with this review:

You made my day.

Thanks too to the others who have read and left ratings/stars for the book. I really do appreciate it.

I also appreciate everyone who pre-ordered the book. Each of you are awesome and I hope you enjoy the book.

Now, am I done in the Honor & Duty universe? Probably not. I’ll be honest. I have story ideas for the universe that focus on side characters and even action that takes place both before this particular series–as in a generation or two before–and after the series. But we shall see. After looking at my proposed schedule for the next year, thinking about taking anything else on is daunting to say the least. But we all know Myrtle the Evil Muse and we know that she has a mind of her own.

Thank goodness.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone and I have a request. If you enjoyed the book or if you know someone who you think will enjoy it, spread the word. It does help, believe me.

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  1. Like!

    It’s on my “To Be Purchased” list for next month.

    Money is tight right now.

  2. As I said I bought and downloaded it Sunday night and really liked it. However I found a few typos and a discontinuity.

    Chapter 3 in the paragraph that begins “As another volley…”, the 3rd sentence ends with the word “first” instead of “fired”.

    Chapter 10 on approximately page 8 the first sentence of the paragraph that begins “Captain LaForge, you and the ships from…” the word after “from” is missing an “r”.

    Chapter 16 has Liz being battlefield promoted to MG, however back in Chapter 11 she had apparently already been promoted to MG.

    Chapter 18, at beginning of the “Phoenix Rising” section, 2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence the word “surrendered” should not have the “ed” at the end (or maybe should be preceded by the word “be”).

    Also, somewhere between the Chapter 3 & 10 typos I saw another but couldn’t remember where it is.

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