Cover(s) Reveal

As promised, here are the mock-ups for the new covers for the Nocturnal Lives series. I am still tweaking them, so there will be some minor (and possibly major) changes before the books are released into the wild later this week.

Now to get back to work.

Until later.

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Writer, proud military mom and possessed by two crazy cats and one put-upon dog. Writes under the names of Amanda S. Green, Sam Schall and Ellie Ferguson.


  1. They look great! Three quibbles:
    * Covers 1 and 3 seem have a different font for the “Nocturnal Lives Book X” text; at least a different size.
    * Your name is very hard to read on the last one. Maybe make it white, too?
    * Whatever is below your name is not legible.

    I love the cougar in the second cover; it took me a while to see it, but I like the subtlety.

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