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Cover reveal

Nocturnal Challenge will be going up for pre-sale next week. Last night, the wonderful Sarah A. Hoyt designed the cover for me. The cover elements come from Dollar Photo Club. I’ll post those credits at the end.


Sarah also redesigned the covers for the other novels in the series. Here they are:

origins cover



And here is the cover image for the boxed set:


Amur Leopard © michaelfitz / Dollar Photo Club

The woman is © chesterF/ Dollar Photo Club and the photos are part of this series of images.


Halloween Sale – Day 4


A character speaks


  1. Joe Spiker

    Look nice bit wondering why you changed from the other cover concept.

    • The cover needs to help show what the genre is. When the other books were brought out, the covers signaled UF. Now, they signal more along the lines of Paranormal Romance, which these books aren’t. So I wanted something that was more in line with current trends.

      • Joe Spiker

        I like that you the other covers I was just wondering why you didn’t use the cover with the clouds that you where showing before.

        • Oh. I like that one but it fits another project better than any of this series. It will be used. I promise

          • Nancy

            Sorry, I can’t figure out how to contact you. I just read your military sci-fi. The story was great but the editing was distracting because of the errors. I am interested in your other genres. I was wondering if you had any beta readers.

  2. Joe Spiker

    Cool and sorry my autocorrect keeps messing up my posts. Posting on my phone and the letters are so small I can barely see them.

  3. Uncle Lar

    Striking lady, very Angelina Jolie minus the tats and a bit younger.
    Only quibble with her whole photo series is that she is a bit over eager to put her finger on the trigger.
    Not a big deal as Nocturnal Lives is the only cover where she does that, and it could be argued from her expression that she might be preparing to shoot an attacker approaching from her left. But it is the sort of thing that us gun geeks notice and comment on.

  4. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Is it next week yet? [Kidding Grin]

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