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Color me skeptical

Actually, cynical might be a better term. I tend to get this way at the end of any election season, especially one in which we are electing a president. There are times when I think we ought to limit the number of weeks — not months — a candidate can campaign. For one, in this day and age of instant communication and the ability to cross the country in a matter of hours and not weeks, there is no need for campaigns to last months and months and months. For another, by this time, I’m frigging tired of the rhetoric coming from both sides and I’m especially tired of the attack ads.

So, when I was watching the TV last night with my mother and there was a new ad for Obama, I began to automatically tune out. It wasn’t because it was Obama. It was because it was yet another political ad and, frankly, because I hadn’t seen any ads from his campaign that weren’t attack ads. So imagine my surprise when there he was, doing his best to look presidential, and calmly talking about how we could read his economic plan and then how we ought to compare it to Romney’s. No attack. No histrionics.

The problem is that it was too little too late. This is what he should have been saying months, even years ago. He should have started by silencing Pelosi back during the Obamacare vote when she said the other legislators and those of us poor Joes back home could read the legislation after it had been passed. It’s sort of the same thing. If he really wanted us to read his economic plan, why not release it months ago? It should have been out there and ready for the public to review, and comment on, as soon as he was formally nominated as the Democratic candidate for president. But that’s not the real issue here. The issue is that now, in the eleventh hour, Obama and his advisers are running worried, if not scared, and are changing tactics, trying to show that he is presidential.

I could list a number of ways I feel he failed in being “presidential” but will leave it to what’s happened in the last few weeks. Let’s not forget the revolving door of excuses about what happened, or didn’t happen, during the attack on Benghazi. Let’s not forget how the administration has sidestepped direct questions, and this includes Obama, about whether or not assistance was requested and denied. Let’s not forget how our vice president once again put his foot in his mouth by being inappropriate during a time that should have been solemn and respectful (check what he said to Mr. Woods as Woods was waiting for his son’s body after the attack).

There’s something else that bothers me as we move ever closer to the elections. We’ve been told by the liberals that the superstorm that was Sandy and the devastation left in its wake shouldn’t be politicized. Yet that is all you see if you look at the headlines or listen to the pundits. How many times in the last 24 hours have you seen articles and op-ed pieces praising Obama and condemning Romney for a decision he made about emergency aid ten years ago? How many headlines have you seen saying that Romney would deny aid to those hit by Sandy? Or what about the more subtle headlines? You know the ones I mean. The ones touting the fact that Obama has cancelled his campaigning for the day because of Sandy but that Romney is still out there trying to win vote.

That latter is the one that has me shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Folks, Obama should be in DC right now. He is, after all, president. A major city has just suffered another devastating attack, the second in 11 years. This one might have been natural, but it is still a disaster. Obama would be derelict if he wasn’t in DC…of course, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here and assuming he’s actually being briefed on what’s going on and trying to figure out how best to help New York, New Jersey and the other states involved. (Mind you, my cynical side comes out when I read stories about how he wanted to fly to NYC for a photo op and didn’t only because Bloomberg told him no.)

There’s another reason Obama is in DC right now, at least to my very cynical mind. He got hit and hit hard by non-mainstream media and bloggers about continuing his trip to Vegas when he received word of the attack in Benghazi. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake again, at least not this soon.

Have the conservatives been pure about not politicizing Sandy? Nah. But you aren’t hearing from the lamestream media how Romney collected supplies for the affected area. You aren’t hearing his reasoning for vetoing the emergency funding section of a state budget. A state that was in horrible debt. Romney was trying to be fiscally responsible and had no way of knowing what might come down the pike later on. When the money was needed, you aren’t hearing how he approved a $2 million fund.

I go back to what I said in an earlier post. I’m tired of the media, especially mainstream media, thinking it is their job to make the news, to skew it so that it is no longer reporting the news but reading an op-ed piece without the disclaimer.

In short, I’ll be glad when the election is over but I’ll be honest. I am concerned that we might be facing a repeat of the Bush-Gore election where the popular vote goes one way and the electoral college vote goes another. If that happens, does anyone want to take bets on how the mainstream media will be singing the praises of the EC if Obama is declared the winner? Somehow, if that does happen, I just don’t see lamestream media crying foul the way it did with Bush-Gore.

(Edited to add: Thanks to Sarah A. Hoyt for the mention on Instapundit and a warm welcome to everyone coming over from there!)


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  1. Oh I grew sick of it a long time ago. See..Obama hasn’t stopped campaigning since 2007. As far as his “financial plan” The entirety of his party in congress has voted with the Republicans unilaterally to crush all his “budget” plans. Not a single YAY vote for one of his budgets in the last almost 4 years. That right there to me is telling.

    It’s why I’m in favor of the “hang every damn one of them from the nearest street lamp, and start over” plan.

  2. Oh, there might be one or two worth leaving be…for the fun factor of seeing them scramble to be good if nothing else 😉

    I’m ready for a government that is responsive to the electorate and isn’t trying to bend over and kiss the asses of our enemies. But that is yet another rant.

  3. Greg in Denver

    Greetings from Insta-land. I am always intrigued by those who find their way out of the Left’s cocoon if I interpret this correct. The real world is hard and takes courage. All the best, I will be back.

    • Thanks, Greg. As for finding my way out of the Left’s cocoon, that happened about 30 seconds after I was born, I think. I just haven’t been out here in the blogosphere too much with it. I am one of the writers who bought into the “threat” — implied, yes, and never really said — that if I was too loud or public with my opinions, I’d never be bought by a major publisher. Well, considering the state of publishing these days, I don’t want my work tied up with one of them. So…I am now out here talking, and sometimes yelling, my opinions to all who are interested.

  4. jetty

    I despise ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/NY Times/Time. I refuse to take in any content what-so-ever from those hacks.

    • BJM2009

      Don’t buy products from their corporations either. Disney is dead to me, as is GE.

      • I’m pretty much there as well. Fortunately, my son is grown so I don’t have to worry about what Disney movie he wants to see. Of course, he showed good taste early on and decided most of the stuff Disney put out — from the early 1990s on — wasn’t worth his time.

  5. BobtheRegisterredFool

    I wouldn’t think Amanda was in a cocoon of whatever political stripe.

    I get the impression she is fairly hard headed and clear eyed.

    I’d suggest a look at Nocturnal Origins, and seeing where that takes your interpretations.

    What I see in her word choice here is self-restraint and careful measurement of words.

    • Thanks. You’re right about the restraint. If I said what I wanted to about all this, well, let’s just say the page would be bleeding and I’d be playing into the hands of those on the other end of the political spectrum who claim all of us who are libertarian or conservative in our politics are all raving loonies.

  6. BobtheRegisterredFool

    I’ve found that much of what I have to say about the subject that is unique to me also seems likely to backfire against my interests and the side that I favor.

    Self control and estimating how other people will hear your words are vital parts of public speaking and debate.

    Careful observation and speech are also important where matters of science or legal liability are concerned.

    Precise use of words is a useful practice, skill and habit. Cultivating it for one purpose will often develop it for others.

    I like talking, and I like sharing my thoughts, but I have not developed my own self control and skill with words to the degree that I would like.

  7. richard40

    Obama stayed in DC so he could get a good photo op of him in the situation room, looking presidential, when in reality all the key decisions were being made by local mayors and governors, like is supposed to happen during natural disasters. FEMA is only supposed to privide some suplimentary funding and experts after the local officials have stabilized things and provided the immediate releif and rescue. Funny though, we dont have any pictures of Obama in the situation room during Bengazzi, when he really did need to be there, and he had to make actual military decisions that cost lives.

    • Oh, I agree. My point was that folks were making a big deal out of him cutting short the Florida trip to go back to Washington because of the storm. That’s what he should have done and it’s not what he did with Benghazi. BTW, look at the photo of him everyone is posting on fb this morning where he is supposedly comforting the woman in NJ. Funny, when most folks hug and give comfort, they look at you. He is looking anywhere but at the woman he has his arm around.

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