Manchester, England

My thoughts and prayers go out to those impacted by the bombing last night at the Ariana Grande concert. What happened is a parent’s worst nightmare. It was an attack on not just a soft target but one filled with children and young adults. I will blog about what happened later, after more facts are known. In the meantime, I light a candle for the lost and dead. I say a prayer […]

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Please tell me it’s no longer Monday

Yesterday was not a great day. One hot water heater replaced. One smartphone decided to go on the fritz. Carpet still soggy. But today will be better. Why? Because the carpet won’t be getting any soggier. The smartphone will be replaced later today — or hopefully it will be an easy fix.  As for the carpets, well, the wet vac is about to come out to play again. Once all that is […]

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Boy is it Monday

Of course, Monday started yesterday when I stepped into the hallway and the carpet went squish. Like any pet owner, I hesitantly checked to see why my bare foot was now wet and the carpet was making such icky sounds when I walked on it. Relief because there were no “gifts” left for me — not unheard of with two cats and a dog. But then memory of the last time the […]

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Oh, flu, how I hate thee

Welcome flu, my old friend. This is the first time in quite awhile, years really, when I’ve have a full-blown case of the flu and I am not amused. So, I’m going to link over to today’s Mad Genius Club post. Briefly, don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t writing in the correct manner. Everyone’s process is different. As long as it works for you, don’t worry about it. Also, don’t forget […]

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Wednesday Snippet

It is way too early to be up and — checks watch — I’ve been up more than an hour already, thanks to BratCat. So let’s start the day off with a mug of coffee and a snippet from Dagger of Elanna (Sword of the Gods Book 2). I know I’ve posted an earlier version of this before but, with the book now available for pre-order, I thought I’d start regular snippets. […]

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If it’s Tuesday

I’m posting at Mad Genius Club. Today, I’m talking about critique groups, point of view, and the Rule of Three. The dangers of critiques

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Update on Dagger of Elanna

It is coming. There has been a problem with the production of the print book. As soon as that is fixed and I have confirmed it by seeing the fix, I will hit the publish button on the e-book. Hopefully, we are talking just a couple of days. In the meantime, check out my author page on Amazon.

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And the winner is. . . .

Congrats to all the winners of the Dragon Awards! Imagine, books and other media nominated by fans of the genre, voted on by fans of the genre and the winners decided upon only by who garnered the most votes. No weird counting gymnastics. No belief that the fans don’t know enough about the genre to nominate the right sort of work. A real fan award. Best SF Game: “Fallout 4” Best Mobile: […]

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When you know it’s wrong

I’ve been struggling with the second short story in the Honor & Ashes universe for more than a week now. Oh, I have the very rough draft done but the final draft just wasn’t happening. Night before last, I woke and thought I had the answer. Heck, it even kept me up much of the night as I considered what my subconscious had been telling me. Unfortunately, that was just the first […]

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Taking the Day Off

There’s not going to be a blog today. Sorry, guys. I need a day off. Yesterday was one of those days when everything I needed to accomplish got pushed to the side by contretemps and brush fires that had to be dealt with. By the end of the day, everything still sat on my desk where it had begun the day, So, to get back on track and try to catch up, […]

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