Inspiration struck and life sucked

Inspiration struck and life sucked

As I sit here, sipping my second mug of Death Wish and wishing it would kick in, I find myself shaking my head. The liberals are still losing their shit over something the President may or may not have said. The MSM is treating it as a done deal, many calling Donald Trump the most racist president we’ve ever had. All the while, they ignore Dick Durbin’s rather dubious track record for […]

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When doubt sets in

This morning, I find myself suffering a doubts about the current work-in-progress. This isn’t unique to me. I don’t know a single writer who hasn’t wondered if they are working on the right project or focusing on the right plot point, etc.. The issue, for me, is that the doubt has brought the writing to an abrupt halt. I have to sit back, look at the project and try to figure out […]

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I’m alive but the blog is delayed

This is one of those mornings when real life is not cooperating with the writing life. I did mean to have a snippet ready for today. However, I’m going to postpone it until tomorrow. In the meantime, I have the next installment of my series on HRC’s book, What Happened, up at According to Hoyt. You might wander over to Victory Girls Blog as well. Until later!

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He has it right

This morning, as I was painting a cabinet for my bathroom, I heard an interview with a former college professor of mine. Pretty much anyone in the DFW area who listens to the news is familiar with Dr. Alan Saxe. A small man with a huge heart, he has never met a topic he isn’t willing to research and discuss. Today, he took on the topic of political correctness and how it […]

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Oops again

As you already know, blogging didn’t happen yesterday. My only excuse is that I was writing. When I get into a writing jag like I’ve been on the last few days, I tend to put off blogging, partly because I don’t think about it and partly because I don’t want to break the flow of words. So, where does that leave me with the WIP? It leaves me in a very good […]

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I just realized I hadn’t been back with the promised afternoon blog. Sorry. The words have been flowing on Light Magic and the afternoon came and went without my notice. The good part of that is the words are coming so easy right now and the story is no longer fighting me. The bad part is it means I forget things like needing to go to the grocery and blogging. So, my […]

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It’s done!

Just a quick update. The final draft for the expanded version of Vengeance from Ashes is finished and off to the beta readers. Five new chapters have been added and some scenes expanded. It doesn’t change anything with the overall story arc but it does, I believe, give more of an insight into who Ashlyn Shaw is and what happened to make her the woman she is at the time VfA opens. […]

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Hurricane Harvey

Despite the early jokes about a large invisible rabbit going to hit the Texas coast, Harvey has been anything but invisible or fluffy. It is going to take months, years in some cases, for the impacted communities to recover. The fact there have been no more deaths than there have been is miracle. Unfortunately, the danger isn’t over and won’t be for some time. More rain is expected and, by the end […]

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I’m still here

And still working. Nocturnal Rebellion is rapidly moving toward release. Hopefully, I will be able to reveal the cover this afternoon. I have also started on  the “Special Edition” version of Vengeance from Ashes. I’ll admit that project really excites me. More on that in the upcoming weeks. There are several topics I want to blog on but I need to do a bit more research before I do. In the meantime, […]

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No blog this morning

Like so many others, I am trying to take in the news. The high-rise fire in London, with its deaths and injuries, is bad enough. Now we have a gunman opening fire on a group of Republican politicians playing baseball in Alexandria, VA. I’ll be back later with thoughts on both but not now. Now I am offering my thoughts and prayers to all those involved or impacted by these terrible events. […]

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