On taxes and double standards

On taxes and double standards

I hadn’t planned to do a political post this morning. But, dayum, it’s impossible not to when looking at how some folks are losing their heads — still — over Donald Trump sitting in the White House. I blogged  at Victory Girls about some of the ways the President has successfully become the “un-Obama”, undoing a number of the previous Administrations progressive (I’d use a different word)policies that had negative impact on our […]

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Those pesky facts


I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry right now. I’ve haven’t been a fan of main stream media for a long time. Oh, there are still some good reporters out there but they are being silenced more and more, especially on the national level, by corporate offices more concerned with their own political agendas than they are about reporting the facts. That bias has been ringing loud and clear over […]

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On minimum wage issues, writing and more

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First things first, I have a post up at Victory Girls about the impact of the new minimum wage laws on franchisee holders and, as a result, on their employees. One of the things that has always bothered me when it comes to mandatory wage increases is that too many people don’t consider the impact those increases will have. They don’t think about how it means a rise in cost to the […]

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When actions impact brand


No, this isn’t about the current kerfuffle over WorldCon. If you want an excellent take on it, check out Jason Cordova’s post over at Mad Genius Club. This has to do with how a Hollywood persona’s dramatic tweets proving her deep-seated Trump Derangement Syndrome have ruined a show for my mother and myself. Oh, and there’s a bit of speculation about how the revelations about Harvey Weinstein would have impacted the same […]

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Writing Resumes, Pelosi Takes a Hit and Another One Bits the Dust

The title of the post says it all. Fiction writing has resumed — yay! Nancy Pelosi had a really bad day yesterday (another yay!). Topping it all off, longtime Today Show anchor Matt Lauer has been fired. All this and it’s not even 0900 here. Matt Lauer, face of the Today Show, hated by fans of Ann Curry and others who have come and gone, found himself out of a job this […]

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Darwinism in Action

Sunday, an Arlington, TX police officer shot a man at a local shopping mall. The man, William Paul Dodd, was suspected of shoplifting two pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses from a store in the mall. At the time of the shooting, he was being followed by mall security as well as by members of APD. While fleeing, Dodd turned and pulled what appeared to be a gun and pointed it at an APD […]

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It’s not a joke

I Have kept silent for the most part about the sudden spate of sexual harassment accusations coming out of Hollywood and Washington DC. Yes, I blogged about how no one should be surprised about Hollywood. The casting couch has been one of the most well-known secrets for decades. Politicians acting the same way is nothing new either. A study of the history of some of the presidents of the last half of […]

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It’s Monday and the Knee-Jerk Reactions Run Wild

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Sutherland Springs. No one can deny what happened was a tragedy. A church and a community have been decimated by yesterday’s events. However, instead of rushing to judgment and politicizing the events, we need to step back, breathe and wait for the facts. Not that it will stop any of the usual suspects who couldn’t wait to take to Twitter to beat their […]

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He has it right

This morning, as I was painting a cabinet for my bathroom, I heard an interview with a former college professor of mine. Pretty much anyone in the DFW area who listens to the news is familiar with Dr. Alan Saxe. A small man with a huge heart, he has never met a topic he isn’t willing to research and discuss. Today, he took on the topic of political correctness and how it […]

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On Bergdahl and writing and other things

This is going to be a quick post. I’ll be back this afternoon with a more substantial entry. However, I do have posts up at Victory Girls and Mad Genius Club this morning. At VG, I talk about the delay of Bowe Bergdahl’s sentencing and how he is still grasping at any straw he can find to avoid taking responsibility and paying the consequences for deserting his post. My MGC post is […]

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