This week has been beyond busy. But I’ve gotten a great deal done. I started a new series of posts over at According to Hoyt. I’ve had a couple of posts published over at Victory Girls – and there will be another one later today or tomorrow. then there were my two posts at Mad Genius Club. I’ve managed to check formatting and get updates prepared for about half my books. Those […]

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History: Helping Understand Today

History: Helping Understand Today

I have a guest post up at According to Hoyt this today. When I sat down to write it, I did so with one purpose in mind — to explain why I’d chosen State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin as the next book to review for the blog. I’ll admit, part of it was because I couldn’t take starting another long book review on yet another book about the 2016 presidential election. […]

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Remember that plan?

Remember that plan?

Yep, the New Year has started off with a bang — including a reminder that real life can and will strike when you least expect it. That’s why there was no blog post yesterday. I won’t bore you with the details. Just know Mama Bear was out in full force and, thankfully, everyone is all right.  Basically, work didn’t happen yesterday. There was too much distraction and too many things that had […]

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A New Year, a New Plan

A New Year, a New Plan

I’ll admit it. I took the last couple of weeks to take a long, hard look at not only my writing schedule but blogging and a few other things. I won’t bore you with all the details. The bottom line is this: blogging will continue and will be on a set schedule (which is always open to change due to life). I’ll be continuing writing at According to Hoyt as well as […]

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Writing, Guest Blogging and Waiting for News

This will be a quick post. Another one will follow later today. For the most part, I’m going to spend the day trying to catch up on writing. I also have a guest post up at According to Hoyt, the latest installment in my review of HRC’s book, What Happened. Finally, like many in the country, I’m waiting to see what Al Franken has to say when he takes to the floor […]

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Writing, Sports Illustrated and More

SI Sportsperson of the Year

For the first time since the knee injury, I had a very productive day yesterday. By the time I shut down the laptop last night, I’d managed to do more than 6k words of fiction and a couple thousand words in blog posts and responses to comments. Yes, it did require me moving locations periodically, but it worked. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it continues to do so today. So far, it […]

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Back to Work

Like many people here in the U. S., I took most of last week off. Thanksgiving is one of those times when family, both “natural” and extended, gather at my house. That means cleaning and cooking and that goes along with it. Add to that the knee injury that has really laid me up and slowed me down and I was ready for time away from the computer. You’d think with a […]

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It’s not a joke

I Have kept silent for the most part about the sudden spate of sexual harassment accusations coming out of Hollywood and Washington DC. Yes, I blogged about how no one should be surprised about Hollywood. The casting couch has been one of the most well-known secrets for decades. Politicians acting the same way is nothing new either. A study of the history of some of the presidents of the last half of […]

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On writing and Biden and more

It’s Wednesday, mid-way through the work week. Unless you’re a writer. If you are, you know the work week never ends. You never know when an idea will strike or when you’ll see an image that inspires you. Since it’s Wednesday, it also means I’m blogging at Victory Girls. Today’s post has to do with former VP Joe Biden, the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s start with good ole “Uncle Joe”. […]

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Grab the popcorn

Novembers have always been interesting. There are the elections and all the related issues, some more “interesting” than others depending on the year. There is Thanksgiving. For writers, there’s NaNoWriMo. And that’s just to name a few. But now, on top of all that, there is the soap opera that is the NFL. More on that in a moment. Let’s start with NaNo. I share my thoughts on it over at Mad Genius […]

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