And we have a diagnosis

I want to thank you guys who have been following and saying extra prayers as I’ve whinged and cringed and worried the last couple of months as Mom has gone through her medical problems. You’ve listened — well read — as I’ve talked about the MRI, the halter monitor, etc. But yesterday we finally got an answer about what’s been going on.

After a marathon session at the ENT, and I do mean marathon because we were there something like five plus hours, we now know that she has at least two different inner ear issues, both with different treatments. One is easily treatable with some exercises. The other is a bit more problematical and will be treated with both prescription and over the counter drugs. This will take more time but it, too, is not permanent — hopefully.

Needless to say, we are both thrilled to finally know what the base causes of her issues are and to know that they can and will get better. But we are also both physically and emotionally drained. So this morning I am going to simply space out, do some reading, and deal with some things around the house. This afternoon, I get to do something I’ve been looking forward to. I’m going to edit Cedar Sanderson’s latest, Dragon Noir. Knowing Cedar, it will be a quick edit and a very good read.

I’ll try to be back later with a real post but I wanted to take a moment this morning to simply say thanks to everyone for putting up with the sporadic posts and the worried ones and the frustrated ones of late. Hopefully, this is the turning point and things can get back to normal, whatever that means when someone is a writer.  😉


  1. So glad to hear that neither problem is untreatable. I hope your mom is back up to snuff soon enough.

    And please don’t read that last sentence out loud. I do not model my writing style on Dr. Suess. 😀

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