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And so it goes

Yesterday the nominations for the Hugo Awards were announced. As expected, some folks came away feeling pleased or honored or even surprised to have been included on the ballot. However, as with any award, there were those who were not pleased with what happened. There has been much lamentation and breast beating — not to mention threats to try to derail the process by voting No Award. I won’t go into all that right now, at least not in detail.

Now, I will readily admit I’m in that group of folks who felt honored and humbled to have been included in the nominations. I applaud those who were also nominated in the field of best fan writer and count Dave Freer and Cedar Sanderson, two of my cohorts over at Mad Genius Club, as friends. I have read and respected Jeffro Johnson’s work. I will also familiarize myself with Laura J. Mixon’s work before I cast my ballot.

Here is what I have to say about the Hugos and all those nominated: judge the work. Ignore the posturing and teeth-gnashing, no matter where it comes from. If someone says you should completely ignore the work and vote No Award simply because of who nominated it, well, ask yourself why. What is their motivation in doing so?

We have read for some time now about the graying of “fandom”. There have been calls to expand the reach of “fandom” and bring in new blood. Isn’t that what is happening now?

I am thrilled to be included on this year’s ballot. I will do my due diligence when it comes to voting and try to read everything that is included in the packet that will be sent out shortly. And that is what I encourage each of you to do. Vote based on the merits of the work, not because you think you know what the author’s politics are or because of who did or did not nominate them. The Hugo Award is for the best in the genre, not for the author’s political stripes or religious beliefs or anything else.

After I’ve had time to digest everything that has been said by all sides, I’ll be back with another post. That will, in all likelihood, be tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some links to posts I think are of interest.

The complete list of Hugo Nominees.

Stealing the Enterprise, by Brad Torgersen

Sad Puppies Update: The Nominees Announced and Why I Refused My Nomination, by Larry Correia

The peasant revolt will be televised, by Brad Torgersen

If you are interested in how the other side has been reacting to the news of the nominations, check out the comments over at Making Light and Sorry, I’m not feeling kindly enough about the attacks being made there to actually link to them.



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  1. Angus Trim

    Before engaging in the stupidity of watching the progs go nuts, I got two of my novels blurbs, synopsis’, and other things done. Today, I had them double checked, then when back here, I was dumb enough to look at a couple of the rabbit echo chambers. I’d call it a waste of time, but I think educational is more like it. I can understand people having different tastes. Heck, there are five F&SF fans at the business next door, and the six of us all have different tastes.

    But we aren’t at one another’s throats. Oddly enough, we’re split evenly over what side of center we’re on politically.

    But what I saw today is just delusional.

    • I know. And congrats on getting some truly important work done. I’m sitting here now trying to figure out what to blog about today. Part of me wants to post a snark of some of the things I’ve been seeing regarding SP3, the Hugos and how anyone associated with SP3 should be pilloried because evil. But another part thinks I need to step back and let a little distance and calm settle — at least on myself — before doing so. Shrug. I’ll figure it out – hopefully.

      • Angus Trim

        Yeah, think about it first. After all, it’s not like this is going to affect the totality of our lives or anything.

        Really, this kerfuffle is nothing more than an argument over what Science Fiction is. And on the side, what Fantasy is. The field started out pretty much as a pulp fiction genre, with the occasional masterpiece. There was some evolution going on even early, but noticeable in retrospect in the fifties and sixties. At the same time there was still some very good action, adventure, totally engrossing pulp fiction.

        The other side thinks that what they’ve been publishing and awarding over the last fifteen years is the natural evolution of the field. They look at what we like and are aghast. And they think we’re total neanderthals for “holding onto the past”. Worse, then they start projecting things like racism, sexism, and homophobia onto us.

        We on the other hand are rebelling against what happened. We’ve been marginalized in the field, even though there still is a tremendous market for action and adventure. Their projections onto us? {shrug} That’s their problem, not ours. Let Vox and company counterattack.

        Let’s just make our case in as level a way as we can.

  2. Christopher M. Chupik

    I fear I overlooked you when handing out Hugo congrats.

    Congratulations, Amanda. 🙂

    • Thanks! And np, there were a lot of very good people nominated, and I’m still trying to touch base with all of them. 😉

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