An update, a few thoughts and a little promo

Although not necessarily in that order.

Yesterday really got away from me. To start, I had two blog posts up. One at Mad Genius Club and one over at According to Hoyt. Whenever I wind up blogging on the same day at both sites, I figure any controversy will arise at ATH. That is where I can talk about things non-publishing related. Yesterday was no different. I wrote about my experiences travelling behind the Iron Curtain before the fall of the Soviet Union and how I wish those who extol the virtue of Communism and Socialism would actually spend time in countries ruled by those isms before deciding to condemn what we have here. MGC, on the other hand, was one of those posts where I wrote about my interpretation of someone else’s post about used bookstores, etc. Boy oh boy, did MGC blow up.

Let’s put it this way: for the first time that I remember, I added an editorial comment clarifying that I had inferred something from the article instead of the author actually saying it. I’ll let you guys go over and read the post, and the one I linked to, as well as the comments. Then I recommend you read Sarah A. Hoyt’s post on MGC today. She has some very good advice that touches on what happened yesterday as well as things she has seen during her career. My last comment on what happened yesterday was that it kept me so busy that little work was accomplished.

So work. I have finished the draft for Honor from Ashes, Book 4 in the Honor and Duty series, as noted and it is available for pre-order. You’ll find the link to it, as well as to some of my other work immediately following. The book will be available for download April 18th.

I hear you wondering what I will be doing between now and then. Part of the working day will be spent getting Honor ready for final download. That’s going to consist of the usual proofreading as well as some scene expansion/deletion. This is the longest I’ve had a book up for pre-order and I’m doing it this way so those of you who have been waiting so long for it know it is finally coming.

And yes, as I anticipated, there will be at least one more book after this using these characters. I could have wrapped up the story arc in one book but it would have been close to 300k words and that is just too much. I would have had to charge more than I wanted to and more than most folks want to pay for an e-book. As a print book, it would have turned into a doorstop. Not good. At least not in my opinion.

Now, you’ll note I said “part of the working day”. The other part will be spent working on Skeletons in the Closet. Actually, what will probably happen is I’ll work on Honor a certain number of days a week and Skeletons the other days of the week. Part of the reason for this is because I don’t want to rush the final edits on Honor. There is plenty of time to make sure they are done right. The other part of the reason is because Skeletons has gotten very loud again and I figure it’s finally time to finish writing it.

Oh, and then there are the folks in my crit group who have started threatening me if I don’t get it done.

What work I did do yesterday was going over what I had written on Skeletons and making changes I felt were necessary. That meant a few changes here and there in some chapters and a major rewrite of one scene in another. But it is moving on and I am starting to see where this might be going. Of course, there was one part of it I hadn’t remembered writing and that is a very odd feeling, let me tell you.

Snippets will follow.

Now for the promo, because I am in this for the money. (I know, I know. I’m not supposed to admit I’m capitalist enough to want to actually be paid for my work. Sorry, but I’m not into suffering for my art. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m not willing to see my work in used bookstores or libraries because they serve the purpose of letting people discover my work without feeling like they are taking a financial risk they might not be able to afford. If you wonder where this came from, follow the link above to MGC yesterday.) For those of you who have been following my blog entries here and elsehwere, you know that this last two months have been busy ones for me. I’ve managed to publish two novels and put a third up for pre-order.

Honor from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 3) is now available for pre-order. Release is set for April 18th.

War isn’t civilized and never will be, not when there are those willing to do whatever is necessary to win. That is a lesson Col. Ashlyn Shaw learned the hard way. Now she and those under her command fight an enemy determined to destroy their home world. Worse, an enemy lurks in the shadows, manipulating friend and foe alike.

Can Ashlyn hold true to herself and the values of her beloved Corps in the face of betrayal and loss? Will honor rise from the ashes of false promises and broken faith? Ashlyn and the Devil Dogs are determined to see that it does, no matter what the cost.

Slay Bells Ring is a mixture of mystery and romance, with the emphasis more on mystery. This is the book that forced me to write it.

Fifteen years ago, Juliana Grissom left Mossy Creek in her rear view mirror. She swore then she would never return for more than a day or two at a time. But even the best laid plans can go awry, something she knew all too well, especially when her family was involved.

Now she’s back and her family expects her to find some way to clear her mother of murder charges. Complicating her life even further is Sam Caldwell, the man she never got over. Now it seems everyone in town is determined to find a way to keep her there, whether she wants to stay or not.

Bodies are dropping. Gossip is flying and Juliana knows time is running out. After all, holidays can be murder in Mossy Creek.

And finally, Nocturnal Challenge, the fourth book in the Nocturnal Lives series.

Nocturnal Challenge (Nocturnal Lives Book 4)

By Amanda Green

The one thing Lt. Mackenzie Santos had always been able to count on was the law. But that was before she started turning furry. Now she finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy to keep the truth from the public-at-large. She knows they aren’t ready to learn that monsters are real and they might be living next door.

If that isn’t enough, trouble is brewing among the shapeshifters. The power struggle has already resulted in the kidnapping and near fatal injury of several of Mac’s closest friends. She is now in the middle of what could quickly turn into a civil war, one that would be disastrous for all of them.

What she wouldn’t give to have a simple murder case to investigate and a life that didn’t include people who wanted nothing more than to add her death to the many they were already responsible for.

The first three volumes (Nocturnal Origins, Nocturnal Serenade and Nocturnal Interlude
are available individually or as the Nocturnal Lives “boxed set”.) are also available.

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