Amid the rain a preorder is born

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I’m a day late announcing this here. I blame it on the rain. Not only is the ground a mire, but my brain is soggy. Oh, and it’s raining again this morning. I know we’ll want the rain in a month or so, but right now I’d give just about anything to see the sun. Anyway, Warbound Legacy is now available for preorder. Release date is July 16th.

Here’s some of what I said yesterday on Substack when I made the initial announcement:

As I did with Surtr’s FuryWarbound will be exclusive on Amazon for the first three months or so. That lets me put it in KDP for that time, something I can’t do if I offer it on the other platforms. The truth of the matter is, most of my sales come from Amazon anyway. By adding it to KDP while keeping it off the other platforms actually lets me get more eyes on the book at release.

I chose the July date to give my beta readers, my editor and myself enough time to go over the book and make any necessary changes. And, yes, the draft is finished and off with the beta readers now.

As I noted on Substack, that leaves me pondering what the next project will be. Me being me, there are a number of proverbial irons on the fire. Again, form the Substack post:

I am still tracking numbers for Surtr’s Fury to determine when the next book in that limited series will come out. Right now, I’m leaning for the first of the year. I also need to do the sequel to Fire Striker. Before I do, I think I’m going to remove it from other marketplaces and put it into KDP Select. So it is probably a year out.

But there will be other books. I already have the next book after Warbound outlined. (Well, notes have been made. I’m not really an outliner for most projects.) I also have a general outline/notes on a prequel series set in the same universe. I’m not sure if it will actually turn into anything right now. It’s just that Myrtle the Evil Muse hijacked me for a couple of days to get it blocked out and notes made.

I also have another story or two in the Nocturnal Lives universe that wants to be written. Again, not sure they will happen. To be honest, however, it is probable. Those stories are close to my heart and I’ve had a hard time stepping away from them.

What this means is that if it ever stops raining long enough for me to put butt in chair more than a few minutes at a time, the inspiration is there. So, fingers crossed, the bad weather is finally moving out of the area and I can get back to work.

There are other stories waiting to be told as well. The only issue is finding the time to put words to paper.

In other words, I have plans but they are always subject to change based on what Myrtle the Evil Muse decides to do. For now, however, I have to finish the clean up from all the rain–including talking with roofers. Such fun, not.

So, until later (and assuming I don’t have to build an ark because the rain continues)!

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