Almost Time

Sorry for the silence but I’ve been head down, butt in chair, doing all the stuff necessary to get Rogue’s Magic ready for release. It’s been through beta readers, it’s been to the editor and the final file has been uploaded to Amazon ready for next week’s release. This weekend, I’ll put the final touches on the cover flat and upload the files for the print edition. Then it is on to the next book–the question is which book it will be.

See, Rogue’s Magic has presented several challenges most of my books don’t. To begin with, it wasn’t the book I initially sat down to write. Oh, I’d planned for it, but not at this point in the series. That’s when Myrtle the Evil Muse kicked me in the head and pointed out I was doing things backwards. Now, that’s not unusual for me in real life but not usually in my writing. So I quit fighting her and wrote the book.

Then the book turned out to be much longer than I anticipated and took the overarching plot line in a couple of directions I didn’t expect.

In fact, the book is long enough that, for a while, I considered splitting it in two, expanding the first half a little and doing a quick release of them both. Except I couldn’t find a good point to split it. So, the book is longer than the others in the series. But it does, I believe, a really good job at setting up the next book or two.

And that brings me to what I’m writing next.

Part of me wants to dive right into Magic Rising, the next book in the series. That probably isn’t going to happen for several reasons. For one, I need to do some research and figure out how to write it (simple things–ha!–like point of view, etc.). For another, I’m starting to feel the itch to return to the world of Nocturnal Lives and start the new story arc. The only thing I know for sure is the next Honor & Duty book needs to be written and I’m planning a release for it for the first quarter of next year–if not sooner.

In other words, lots of things on the stove but I’m going to let it all simmer over the weekend and not jump into anything until I get some “real life” work done and get some much needed sleep.

For now, I need to focus on getting the word about Rogue’s Magic out there. So, here’s the cover (it’s a link too) and the blurb:

Trouble comes to Mossy Creek.

Jaqueline “Jax” Powell left town after high school, wanting to put as many miles between small town Texas and herself as possible. Mossy Creek, however, isn’t your normal small town and once it gets its hooks in you, you never really escape. It has already brought home two of its wayward children. Will Jax be the third?

When her best friend and “sister from another mister”, Annie Caldwell, is attacked and left for dead, Jax wastes no time in returning home. But is Mossy Creek ready for her return? Before long, everyone will remember why she’d been called “the rogue” growing up. An Earth Elemental, she will join with Wind and Fire to protect those they love.

As storm clouds gather over the small town, danger grows. Jax will have to use all her gifts as an Other to keep her friends safe.

But will it be enough?

Rogue’s Magic will be released Aug. 18, 2020.


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