Ah, Tuesday

This is going to be a busy week. Well, all weeks are but this one is adding up to be busier than usual. I had a couple of meetings yesterday that shouldn’t have taken more than two hours. They took all day. Today, aside from blogging at MGC and here, there’s writing that has to be done, some real life matters that have to be seen to and a doctor’s appointment. Oh, and more phone calls to be made than I want to think about. So, if blogging this week is a bit sporadic, let me apologize in advance.

As I said, I’ve a post up at Mad Genius Club this morning. It stemmed from an online discussion I had yesterday about what is and is not “paranormal romance”. What set it off was not only the misunderstanding about what PNR and urban fantasy are and are not but also the fact that RWA lumps science fiction romance in with PNR. Talk about confusing the issue. 

As a writer of both UF and PNR, making sure I know what the genres are and what readers expect from them is important. Because of that, I tend to sometimes get a bit in your face about it. I shouldn’t, I know, but I work hard to understand genres, especially how they continue to adapt and change. So when I see a genre being misrepresented, be it by a person or an organization, I get a bit peeved (okay, I get pissed). No, I wasn’t pissed at the person I was having the discussion with. They honestly didn’t realize RWA was clumping two different genres together or why they might be doing so.

In other news, I’m starting to hear back from the betas on Fire from Ashes. So far, so good. There are some edits to make but I think this will be the strongest book yet of the series. I hope so, at least. I’ve started mapping out the plot for the next book in the series and have been attacked the last few nights with a story in the Nocturnal Lives series. Before I do either, I think I’ll put out a couple of short stories or novellas not only in the NL series but also in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series.

What I need to do is try to increase my production output. Has anyone figured out yet how to clone a writer?

Seriously, I’m hoping to begin snippeting Fire from Ashes next week. Fingers crossed.

Now I guess I’d best get to work — after I figure out what in the heck the dog is barking at.

Until later!

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