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I’ve been busy since my last post and I apologize for the lack of entries. Nocturnal Revelations (working title) has finally eased its hold on me enough I think I can get back to the edits on Vengeance from Fire and finally get it up for sale. I’m not saying that too loudly for fear Myrtle the Evil Muse will hear and derail me again. You can find a short snippet of Revelations here.

I have done a couple of posts for Victory Girls recently. The first is about Chelsea Manning. I know there are some out there who look at Manning as nothing more than a whistleblower. I think they are wrong, dead wrong. Manning took an oath as a member of our military and violated it willingly and knowingly. Not only that, Manning leaked thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks. I don’t buy any of the excuses given. She broke her oaths and she put this country at risk. Now she is running for the Senate. Her platform includes such idiocy as doing away with our borders, shutting down our prisons and a guaranteed income for all.

The second post concerns Nancy Pelosi’s comments yesterday about how the Dems will roll back the tax cuts and raise our taxes if they regain the majority in the mid-term elections and how the WaPo tried to frame her comments. Let’s just say I have no doubt “Crumbs” meant every word she said and no spin can change that.  As much as her comment concerns me, it pisses me off to see a media outlet like the WaPo trying to spin it so the comment doesn’t seem as serious as it is. I’m tired of the media trying to frame the news — or make it up — instead of just reporting it.

As for the rest of it, I’ve been busy. I’ve gone back through the Honor & Duty series, reformatting each of the titles, including the short stories. The new covers have been added and soon the files will be uploaded and go live.

I’ve also done some math and have decided — once again — to pull Vengeance from Ashes from all non-Amazon outlets. I tried an experiment, expecting failure and getting it. For my brand of sf — a mix of space opera and MilSF — the other outlets just aren’t worth the time and effort (all of which translates into money). I’ll have more on that in a later post.

For now, however, I’m ready to get back to Fire from Ashes. Then I’ll finish up Nocturnal Revelations, which looks to be a novella or possibly a short novel. After that, it will be either the third book in the Sword of the Gods series or the next Eerie Side of the Creek book. I’m leaning right now toward the latter.

But all of that requires me finding another mug of coffee and putting butt in chair to write.

Until later.

Oh, if you have a chance, go leave a book review. It doesn’t have to be for one of my books — although that would be nice. Those reviews help.


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