A rant, a link and the need for coffee

Since this is Tuesday, it’s my day to blog over at Mad Genius Club. That’s the rant and more than a bit of a snark. It is in response to an article proposing a little socialism to save our publishing industry.

From my post:

The other day, Cedar pointed me to a post over at The Passive Voice with a warning that my head would explode when I read the headline and then the associated article.  She was right, of course. She knows me well enough to realize that anytime someone suggests an industry needs “socialism” to save it is going to set me off. When I see that applied to an industry that is refusing to adapt to changes in the market, well, my ire is doubled or even tripled.

In this particular case, the headline states that “Publishing needs socialism to save it.”

Yes, you read that right. An industry based on elitism and so-called gatekeepers barring anything that doesn’t meet their bar for not only quality but content — read social/political stance — needs to be saved by socialism. Am I the only one who sees the oxymoron (with emphasis on the moron) here?

You can read the rest of the post here.

To touch back on my post about, among other things, the controversy over how female CosPlayers are treated, my friend Alma Boykin has put up her own thoughts on the matter. Go, read and read again. She has a lot of information there and makes a great deal of sense. Of course, the problem is she is being logical and grown up about the problem and those who are screeching the loudest are acting like anything but adults.

Finally, I will be back with a post later today. Probably. It depends on if there is enough coffee in the world to wake me up and if I finish a couple of overdue projects. If not, I’ll be back tomorrow. Hopefully, no rant but who knows. Rants seem to be so much easier these days because there is so much happening that simply defies belief and understanding.

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