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I’ll be doing an in-depth review of Vellum next week on Mad Genius Club. But I wanted to make a few introductory comments today. Vellum is one of many programs out there that claim to help make your e-books and print books look more professional. Most of those I’ve tried haven’t really offered anything you couldn’t do in Word or similar word processing programs.

First impressions:

Vellum is expensive. I’ll not shy away from that. If all you want it for is producing excellent looking e-books, you will pay $199.00. In the past, you could buy single use or limited use licenses. That doesn’t appear to be the case any longer. If you want it to prepare both e-books and print layout, you will have to crack your wallet to the tune of $249.99. That’s a lot of change but from everything I’m seeing and hearing, it is well worth it.

The learning curve is minimal. This is what really excites me. I took a DOCX file and imported it into the program. I am a rank amateur using Vellum and had a file that was ready to import to Amazon, or any other e-book retailer, within 20 minutes or so. Part of the delay in getting that file can be laid directly at the fact I an learning all the ins and out. I have no doubt this will soon be cut to 10 minutes or less.

The learning curve is much lower than on almost every other program I’ve used for e-book creation and the options are much better, in my opinion. I’ll go into details next week but, for now, I’m really excited about the program and the time it will save me once I’m used to it and to being Mac-based for that particular aspect of my career.

So far, I highly recommend the program especially if you, like me, put out more than a couple of titles a year.

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