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I sat down a few minutes ago to blog and everything went off the rails–at least when it comes to what I planned on writing about. You see, the local news is on in the background and two stories caught my attention. The first has to do with a senior at a Dallas high school and the second with the actions of a teacher in a local district and Gov. Abbott’s response.

The first is one of those stories where, as a parent, I have to applaud the student and his parents. As I said above, he’s a senior at a Dallas high school. He is also a football player, one talented enough to have already committed to a good college. So he could sit back and not worry about the district’s decision to suspend all extra-curricular activities (including athletics), possibly for the rest of the year. After all, he’s already got a college and, presumably, a scholarship.

But this young man isn’t sitting back. Instead, he is organizing a peaceful protest for later this week. His purpose, to remind the district that there are a number of students who rely on these extra-curricular activities as their entry into colleges they couldn’t otherwise afford. As he said, this is a way for them to better their lives and break out of the cycle that may have held their families for years.

This isn’t an angry young man looking for a reason to cause damage and destruction. This is a young man worried about his fellow students and about how this lockdown will impact them going forward. The fact our political overlords haven’t thought about how the continued lockdowns will impact our kids and their ability to get certain types of scholarships speaks volumes about how much they really don’t care about the negative impact of their actions.

So good on this young man for reminding them.

As for the second story that caught my eye, I first saw mention of it last week. A teacher at a local school district decided it was okay to use an illustration as a discussion point. Now, that doesn’t seem to be too bad, does it? After all, students have been asked to discuss pictures, art works, videos, etc., for years. But this one. . . well, I’m sure the teacher will probably try to justify what they did by saying they were just trying to bring about a discussion of current events. That might even be true. But there were better ways of doing it.

The picture, repleat with multiple images and a caption, basically compared the way the KKK treats/looks at African-Americans to the way cops do. Except it wasn’t a situation of showing how the KKK thinks blacks are sub-human and therefore treat blacks worse. The image and caption basically leaves you with the impression there is no difference in the way the two very different groups view them.

The real problem is the way the picture leaves no room to consider the majority of cops who should never don their uniforms and wear the badge. Instead, it draws the conclusion that all cops are bad. It is pressing a political agenda that has no place in our classrooms and it is a massive logic fail.

All we’ve heard from the district involved once the original complaint from parents was raised is that they were investigating. That could fly for a few days but now the district finds itself between the proverbial rock and hard place. The rock is our liberal media that will line up to extoll the bravery of the teacher if any disciplinary action is taken and the hard place is Gov. Abbott who is now demanding the teacher be fired.

Normally, I detest when state or federal politicians stick their noses into local issues. But in this one, if it lights a fire under the district to do more than sit on their thumbs, all I can say is, “Go, Gov. Abbott!”.

It will be interesting to see where this goes over the next few days and weeks. Approximately two years ago, a FWID teacher was moved to a new school and then her contract wasn’t renewed (iirc) when she tweeted to President Trump asking him to do something about all the illegal aliens undocumented aliens in her school. Will a teacher in a different district who basically lied about cops and building the distrust of them in his/her students face the same consequences? Only time will tell.

I’ll be back later with another post, an update on the writing and a possible change in my future publication schedule.


  1. “The real problem is the way the picture leaves no room to consider the majority of cops who should never don their uniforms and wear the badge. Instead, it draws the conclusion that all cops are bad.”

    I think you meant “minority” instead of “majority”. The way the first sentence reads (at least to me) is that MOST cops are bad. I believe it is only a MINORITY “of cops who should never don their uniforms and wear the badge”.

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