A New Month, New Challenges

Well, we survived another Super Bowl Sunday. Many voiced raised in victory as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers. I’ll admit, mine was one of them. Not only because I think Andy Reid is one of the best coaches the NFL has had in a very long time but because anytime San Francisco is beaten is a good day. The only thing that would have made it better is if it had been the Cowboys doing the beating. Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen until Jerry Jones finally steps down as the GM of the team.

Like so many others, we had friends over for the game. We all admitted we were more interested in the commercials than in the game. Boy, did that change pretty quickly. The commercials were, if possible, some of the worst I’ve seen for the Super Bowl. There were a couple that stood out–Ellen’s Alexa commercial, Billy Murray returning to Ground Hog Day, even the Snickers commercial (mainly to see the selfie idiots falling into the very deep hole in the Earth). And let’s not forget Sam Elliot and his mustache. However, out of those commercials, I can’t tell you what most were selling.

Oh well, we have a year before the suffering of seeing if our home teams do well begins again.

Let’s not forget the country is swinging into full political mode this week. There’s the Iowa caucus, the closing arguments and final vote in the impeachment hearings, the battling threats of subpoenas and future impeachments by both parties. I have no doubt there are going to be days when living under a rock would be better than the constant barrage of political ads and the realization most politicians believe the average voter is to stupid we can’t recognize the piles of bullshit they are shoveling at us.

An example of this stepped forward this weekend. John Kerry, also known as Lurch, was overheard by a reporter saying he could beat Bernie Sanders and save the Democratic Party. The implication being that after he saved the party from Sanders and his ilk, he’d be able to beat Trump and win back the White House. Now, if this sounds like the same sort of hubris we’ve been hearing from Hillary Clinton that’s because it is. Both continue to believe they have relevance in the political scene when they lost that role years ago.

Of course, once the story broke, Lurch denied it. Then the tweet where he denied it with a “Fuck no!” (or words to that effect) disappeared. So what is it, Lurch? Are you going to save the party or go along with the slide into socialism?

Then there was the tweet by one of the spokesweasels from Bloomberg’s campaign. Now, as much as I don’t like Trump, I detest Bloomberg even more. The man is a walking, talking advertisement for entitlement. He is also the poster child for Big Brother. He will do as much, if not more, damage to our constitutional rights as Sanders or Warren.

As for the tweet, a female member of his campaign staff tweeted about how Trump “lies” about being obese, his hair and his “spray on tan”. Now, can you imagine the outrage if a male candidate, or a member of his staff, tweeted something like that about a female candidate? We’d have calls of fat shaming/body shaming, the outrage over picking on them about their hair would be epic. But crickets from the media that would be leading the cries of outrage over it being aimed at Trump.

Double standard much?

So here’s how we start the new month off. We demand the media apply the same standards to political candidates across the board. Every time the media cries about how someone is infringing on their First Amendment rights, we remind them about how they are doing their best to trample on our Second Amendment rights. We can’t pick and choose which rights we want to keep for ourselves while limiting those rights–or others–for those who don’t agree politically with us.

We quit giving in to the Twitter mobs, and I use the term “mob” loosely. They are, all too often, the real bullies and we have to stop giving in to them. They already have too much power. Don’t give them more.

And, yeah, this post went political. I warned you it would happen from time to time. But I promise to be back later today with a non-political post. For now, I need more coffee and then I need to get to work.

Until later!


Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

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