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It’s Monday. That means a return to work because I did something I haven’t done in a very long time: I took the weekend off. Okay, maybe not completely off. I did do some editing. But, for the most part, I slept, did a few chores around the house and relaxed. There was some cooking as well, including doing a roast, veg and Yorkshire pudding for dinner last night. But, in the grand scheme of things, it was a lazy(ish) weekend and now it’s time to get back to work.

First things first. I’ll be doing a Substack post in the morning. It will detail the different levels, what you get for each level, etc. Yes, I will have a free level as well. I’m still finalizing it all, as well as finishing up the formatting of the site. By taking the day off, I’m going to be a day behind my original plans on getting going with it.

Second and, in some ways, more important, Mom and I were talking a few minutes ago and she said something that really stuck with me. Since her fall this past summer, she’s worked hard to get as much of her mobility and independence back as possible. Considering her age and all, she’s done remarkably well. She will, on occasion, even admit it.

Don’t get me wrong. She’s very thankful for her state of recovery. She just wishes it could be more. I understand. She’s always been independent. Having to rely on me for things she was doing on her own less than a year ago rankles her.

Then–and this is where we get to what she said that resonated with me–she looks at some of her friends who are younger than she is. For various reasons, they are not in nearly as good shape as she is. One is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Another has Parkinson’s and can’t or won’t admit it has progressed to the point they shouldn’t be doing certain activities because every time they do, they fall and get hurt. Another is suffering from cancer that has recurred. Her comment was simply that we should be grateful for what we have and she’s right.

So, I’m starting this Monday morning feeling grateful for having a mother who is still in good health considering her age, who is willing to fight for the life she wants instead of sitting in a corner feeling sorry for herself. But that gratitude goes further. I’m grateful she–and my Dad–raised me to have a love for reading, to let my imagination run wild, and who let me follow my own path as I grew from child to adult.

I am also grateful to have a son who has grown into a man I’m so very proud of.

I’d say life is good, but I’m not sure I’ll fully believe that until my sleep patterns get back to normal and I quit waking up and being ready to get up at 0400-0430. I am not and never have been a morning person.

What else?

Today I am working on Surtr’s Fury, starting with trying to do some quick clean up of the mock-up of the cover I did (and posted earlier). I’m not sure what the weird artifacts are that showed up on the uploaded imaged last week, so I’m trying to isolate and get rid of them. Here’s the latest.

It still needs work, but I got rid of at least four artifacts I still haven’t figured out where they came from.

Now to get to work on what goes in behind the cover. The book’s coming along very well. I like the change of pace it’s offering. Of course, Myrtle is starting to look over my shoulder, tapping at it annoyingly, as she reminds me there are other stories she wants to work on. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes and doing my best to placate her so she lets me finish this before moving on to something else.

Until later.


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