I’m busy trying to finalize the edits on Nocturnal Rebellion. This book has been interesting, often in the proverbial way, during its creation. Between the hot water heater deciding to go out, the house flooding after too much rain and the storm door exploding — and we still haven’t figured out what caused that to happen, nor have we replaced the door yet — the editing process has taken longer than usual. However, I’m hoping that the light I see is the one at the end of the tunnel and not a light marking a cross-tunnel.

In preparation for Rebellion’s release, I have discounted Nocturnal Origins, the first book in the series to $0.99. This is a limited time discount and it will go back to full price after Rebellion hits the shelves. Hopefully, it won’t take Amazon too long to show the sale price.

Edit: I just checked Amazon and the price has now been dropped.

I have loved writing this series. When I started it, I never thought it would turn into a series but the characters demanded it. Even though Rebellion ties up one major plot line, there is more out there and I’m looking forward to seeing where Mackenzie and company go from here.

I’m taking the weekend off from serious blogging — unless something happens that I feel needs to be addressed. I’d like to get as much of Rebellion’s edits finished as possible. Tomorrow, I’ll continue the reading recommendations. I’ve really enjoyed taking weekends this past month or so and just reading. I can almost see the bottom of at least one of my many TBR lists.

I will make one recommendation today. This book is one that was recommended to me by my mother’s pastor. I will admit, any book on theology that starts by saying there are only three topics worth discussing — sex, politics and religion — is going to pique my curiosity. I haven’t read much yet, but so far it is interesting and certainly not what I expected. (Here’s a hint: I was raised Episcopal in a “high” church. Mom is Presbyterian. Biiiiiig difference in a lot of ways and not so much in others, as I’m learning.) Anyway, here’s the book:

Christian Doctrine – Revised Edition

by Shirley C. Guthrie, Jr.

Christian Doctrine has introduced thousands of laity, students, and theologians to the tenets of the Christian faith. This edition reflects changes in the church and society since the publication of the first edition and takes into account new works in Reformed theology, gender references in the Bible, racism, pluralism, ecological developments, and liberation theologies.

Now I’m off to find more coffee. I probably ought to drag the trash out for pick up. Then it’s another day of edits.

Until Later!