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I know I’ve been more absent than usual from the blog of late. I’ve written about some of the reason but most of it falls under the headings of “Real Life Kicks Author’s Ass” and “Uncooperative Main Character”. Both are finally starting to get under control (knocks on wood) and makes a note to go hunt a four leafed clover. As it stands now, I will be uploading Nocturnal Challenge to Amazon later today. That means either tonight or tomorrow it should be available for pre-orders. Publication date will be December 7th.

I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been suffering from “uncooperative main character”. Mackenzie Santos has been anything but cooperative in this book. Oh, it isn’t that the plot hasn’t been there. It has been, with a couple of twists I hadn’t anticipated. It isn’t even that the “voice” hasn’t been there. Mac’s voice is very strong and easy for me to get back into. Now, for some reason, this time she wanted the book to shift from 3rd person to 1st and fought me every step of the way.

For awhile, I did consider switching the POV. The problem is, the other books were written in 3rd preson and I didn’t want to switch things mid-stream. So what is probably going to have to happen is a short story or novella in the universe giving Mac her full voice. The only other alternative is a choice between changing the way the series moves forward or going back and redoing the previous books in 1st person and, believe me, I do NOT want to rewrite the series. For one, I’ve already written it. For another, unlike some traditionally published authors of late, I don’t believe I have the right to rip-off my readers by taking a story I’ve already published and simply change the names of the characters or give them the same story but from the other main character’s point of view.

So, somewhere along the line of finishing up Honor from Ashes, the next book in the Honor and Duty series, and then Dagger of Elanna, book two in Sword of the Gods, I have a short story or novella to write. My only fear is that doing so will encourage my other characters to demand the same sort of treatment.

Help me. Save me from headstrong characters who don’t accept the fact they aren’t real people.  😉

Seriously, there are times when, as an author, we have to listen to our characters. They aren’t real. We know that (really, we do). But they do represent our subconscious and it often knows more about what we need to do with our writing than our conscious mind does. In this case, I have a feeling the short story/novella will be the bridge between Challenge and what will probably be the last book in the series. I don’t think it will be the last time we see Mac and company but, if we do, it will be in another set of books from another POV in all likelihood. Again, I’m not sure.

I think my uncertainty comes from the fact I’ve read too many series where the author didn’t stop when she should have. I don’t want to do that with Mac and friends. The current story arc will be concluded in the book that comes out following Challenge. There is the possibility of more after this arc. But we’ll see.

In the meantime, there are books to write, edit and life to be lived.

FYI, I have a post up at Mad Genius Club today discussing e-book pricing and its impact on the Big Five.

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  1. Yes – I am trying to write in third person with my second book after Hilda’s Inn… and I, I, I slips in… *sigh The first book was in third person… this one will have to be too. BUT uncooperative right…

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