2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale Continues and more

First off, the 2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale is still going on. If you are looking for some good books to read that won’t cost you much — if anything — check out the list here. This is a curated list. I know the authors and have read almost everything on the list. Whether you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy or romance, there is something on the list for you.

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who has bought Vengeance from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 1) this weekend. You’ve helped push it back into the top 100 books on several of the science fiction sub-genre lists. I know there are detractors for those lists but, as a reader and as an author, I love having them because it makes it easier for me to find a book if I’m looking for military science fiction or a mystery involving cops and werewolves. (Okay, I have weird reading tastes 😉 )

I also want to remind everyone that even though the Hugos are over for the year, it is never too early to start reading and thinking about books, short stories, movies — well, you get my drift — that you would like to see considered for next year’s Hugo Awards. Yes, this is a reminder that Sad Puppies 4 is already asking you to post your recommendations. Kate Paulk, who is leading SP4 this year, will be creating a web page on the SP4 site where all your recommendations will be compiled. You can see what she plans to do with SP4 this year by going to her Mad Genius Club post from last week.

Now, here’s the thing with SP4. The goal is two-fold. The first is to bring more awareness to the Hugos. Over the last few years, it has become painfully obvious that too many lovers of science fiction had no idea they could have a part in nominating and voting for the Hugos. The second goal is to collect as many recommendations by those who love the genre. These recommendations will be posted for all to see.

If you followed the Hugo last year, you know that saying there was a controversy surrounding SP3 is like saying “I’m a little bit pregnant”. I’m not going to rehash all that. What I will say is that it is funny how already there are those accusing SP4 of trying to put a “slate” together again. Why? Because Kate said she would list the top 10 recommendations in each category and she — gasp — did the math and said that a title was more likely to make it onto the ballot if it came from the top 10 list than if it was from the bottom of the list.

Sorry to tell the detractors this but it is true. It is simple mathematics. A title that is more popular among those nominating is more likely to have enough votes to make it onto the ballot than one that is only recommended by one or two people. That’s reality. It isn’t making a slate.

What really has me shaking my head and smiling a tad ruefully is how Kate is basically doing what the other side said they would consider acceptable — and it was something she had planned on long before their “olive branch” recommendations were made. She is asking for recommendations from everyone. She is compiling a list. She isn’t saying anyone has to vote according to her list. Yet, now that she has made her plan public, it’s a slate. Bad puppy.

So here is my challenge to you. Go out and read. If you find something you think is Hugo worthy and qualifies to be nominated for 2016, go to sadpuppies4.org and find the page for recommendations. Leave your recommendation there and tell us why you think it should be considered for a Hugo. If you can’t find the page there, leave a comment here and I will make sure Kate gets the information.

Now go read and don’t forget to check out the books in the 2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale.


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