I didn’t want to write about politics or current events this morning. Really I didn’t. I had to do my MGC blog post and then I wanted to get straight to the final check of Light Magic before moving on to the next project. Unfortunately, the news for the last few days — who am I kidding? It’s been going on for months — won’t let me. I’ve railed here and elsewhere about how tired I am about the media trying to create news instead of report it. Well, they (along with a certain segment of people) have gone one step further. Now they are declaring people guilty, not based on their guilt or innocence but based on the alleged crime.

The latest stems from the allegations against members of the current Administration of spousal abuse. I want to go on the record right here that I think anyone who abuses a spouse or partner should face the full force and penalty of the law. However, we have a justice system for a reason. That reason has been lost in the wave of outrage left in the #MeToo wake. While I applaud women — and men — stepping forward to confront their abusers, we also have to take a very long and hard look at their allegations. I am sure many, if not most, were abused as they allege. However, I have seen too many instances where abuse allegations were leveled when no abuse took place to believe they have all been abused. Continue reading