Ah, Monday, how I hate thee. Or, more precisely, I hate the fact I’ve been up for several hours already and would really like to go back to bed. That’s given me some time to leisurely go through my different news feeds, social media (ack) and think about blogging. One item caught my eye, a post by Melodie Campbell, caught my eye. Campbell is a novelist. Her “pet peeves” as a creative writing professor are things every writer should keep in mind. Why? Because they are pet peeves many readers have about books currently available — and not just from indie authors. In fact, I see more of these peeves being exhibited in traditionally published books than in indie books.

I’m not going to discuss all 10 of Campbell’s pet peeves. Instead, I’ll touch on several that are at the top of my list of “how to piss off Amanda quicker than just about anything.” Continue reading