No, this isn’t going to be a serious post this morning. Or at least it won’t be a long, serious post. I’m still getting back into the swing of things after finishing Light Magic and getting it up for pre-order. (Have you ordered your copy yet? Hmmm?) But that doesn’t mean I don’t have responsibilities to take care of. That means I have to figure out how to kickstart the brain so it halfway functions. In other words, where’s the coffee?

My first goal of the day has been accomplished. I have written and posted over at Victory Girls. Go check it out, please. Basically, I take the Ithaca High School administration to task for missing a great teaching moment. Instead, they caved in to a group of five students who were upset at the casting of Esmerelda in the musical version of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. They had no problem with the girl cast in the role. In fact, they said she was an excellent actress and singer and would be an asset to any play. However, she was also the “epitome of whiteness” so, of course, she couldn’t play Esmerelda because everyone knows she’s a person of color. Except, well, that’s not necessarily true. If the school had take time to teach the source material for the musical — the book by Victor Hugo — they would have seen that Esmerelda was the daughter of a Frenchwoman who had been stolen by the gypsies as a baby. Her father is never mentioned.But noooo, these students, and the adults they got involved, focused only on the Disney movie — and we all know Disney would never ever take liberties with the source material. Continue reading