Sorry for the silence, everyone, but I’ve been hard at work on Light Magic. In some ways, this has been my favorite book to write to date. In others, it has been the most frustrating. I hope that all adds up to a book everyone enjoys. In the end, it took a left turn on edits and that’s why it is up for pre-order today instead of today being the actual release date. That date is now Feb. 27th.

So, what happened? I realized as I was doing the final editorial pass that I’d done the one thing I hate in books: I’d rushed the ending. A couple of my beta readers mentioned it and I took a hard look at what happened. Yes, I could have released the book as it was but I always want to put out the best book possible and this one could, with a little work, be better. So I finished inputting the edits and made a difficult decision. Instead of rushing the reworking of the last several chapters, I chose to do a pre-order period instead. This gives me plenty of time to flush out the ending and let my beta readers have another look at those chapters. Continue reading