A quick note

I’ll be doing an in-depth review of Vellum next week on Mad Genius Club. But I wanted to make a few introductory comments today. Vellum is one of many programs out there that claim to help make your e-books and print books look more professional. Most of those I’ve tried haven’t really offered anything you couldn’t do in Word or similar word processing programs. First impressions: Vellum is expensive. I’ll not shy […]

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Release Day!

It’s here! Nocturnal Rebellion is live on Amazon. All she wanted was a simple murder case, one uncomplicated by shapeshifters or interfering IAB investigators. What she got instead was much, much more. Now three cops are dead and Mac’s world will never be the same again. It is up to her to find the culprits and bring them to justice. But what justice? That of cops and attorneys and criminal courts or […]

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One more day

Oh, crap! Now I’m going to have that tune running around in my head all day. It’s not that I don’t like Les Miz, but that’s not what this post is about. Worse, I know what my evil muse is like. She will take a song about the French Revolution and decide I need to write something “worthy” of that people’s revolution. Nope, not on the charts. Not right now, at any […]

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And it’s done!

I just hit the enter button and uploaded the release version for Nocturnal Rebellion. Now comes the waiting. Waiting for Amazon to approve the file and waiting to see how you guys like it once it is available for download on the 15th. I really love this book and hope you do as well. Whenever I finish a book, there’s a short period of time when I don’t necessarily grieve but when […]

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Murphy didn’t go home

Last week, I asked Murphy to go home. Unfortunately, he’s decided he likes it here. The fallout from his prolonged visit is that blogging hasn’t happened. For that, I apologize. After a day filled with nothing but repairmen yesterday, I’m hoping today is better. Writing has been happening, in between service calls. That’s what is important. I’ll try to be back later with a real post. In the meantime, don’t forget that […]

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