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Date: June 17, 2017

People are crazy

Earlier today, I looked at posts on a neighborhood group I belong to and one of them caught my eye. One of the members found themselves with a change of circumstance that would require them to be away from home for days at a time. Because of that, the OP decided the best thing to do was try to rehome their beloved dog. You could tell from what the OP posted that this was not an easy decision nor was it one made in haste. In fact, the only reason they came to the mailing group was because the new home that had been found for the dog had fallen through.

Imagine if you will how difficult it must have been then for the OP to suddenly be barraged with a series of messages telling them what a horrible person they were for “getting rid of” their dog. The OP was condemned for not treating the dog as one would a child in the same situation. It isn’t as if the OP was turning the dog into the local shelter or pound. Instead, the OP was trying to find a loving home for the dog.

But that wasn’t good enough for these rabid folks who wouldn’t hear any of his very reasonable explanations. They mocked him when he tried discussing how difficult the decision had been to make and how he made it only with the best interest of the dog in mind. These people who didn’t know him or his circumstance decided it was their place to condemn him for doing what I hope most of us would do — consider what was best for the dog.

This wasn’t a case where he grew tired of the animal or the responsibilities of being a dog owner. He knew he wouldn’t be there to care for the dog, to give it the love he needed. He is a supporter of different animal charities. He worried about where this dog he had cared for for so long would go and if his new owners would love him as he had.

He wasn’t going to turn him into a kill shelter.

Now, I’m an animal lover. I grew up with animals and have always had at least one animal and usually more than that at any time. Right now, I have a dog and two cats and, when my old lady cat dies, I will get another animal, if not two more. But I also hope that I have the integrity this gentleman had to look at what is best for the animals and not what will make me feel best should there come a time when I have a change in circumstances.

What I wanted to do was ask these idiots who attacked the dog owner what they thought about how I came into possession of my dog. He, along with one other dog, had been in a retiree’s home. Their owner could no longer live on his own and had to give up both dogs when he moved to a care facility. The dogs finally found their way to a rescue group that brought them to the Metroplex from Oklahoma. I would have adopted both of them but one was adopted not five minutes before I arrived at the adoption fair. But they were given up and it quickly became clear the dogs were companion dogs. Even now, more than a year after we adopted Bentley, he has to be with one of us whenever he is awake. He is happiest when he is touching someone.

His owner could have just turned him in to a kill shelter instead of placing him with a group that would get them with another rescue group that would not only foster the dogs but keep them until a new home could be found. Still, under the approach of the rabid idiots on the mailing list, Bentley’s original owner shouldn’t have taken action to move to a care facility that wouldn’t let him keep the dogs. No reason was good enough in their eyes to justify giving up a pet.

Sorry, but if your circumstances change where you can’t care for an animal the way you should, the only responsible thing to do is find them a new, loving home. I applaud the fellow who made the very difficult decision not to let his dag stay home alone for days on end, or to be boarded for days on end. I feel for him and am glad he has found a new home for his dog.

As for those who attacked him, I hope they never find themselves having to make similar decisions. Or, if they do, I hope they remember every word of condemnation they threw out so easily and seek out this gentleman and offer him their abject apologies. Not that they will. Those who are so sure of themselves rarely admit they might have been in error.

Now I think I’ll play with Bentley Dog and make sure to give the cats, Thena and BratCat, a scritch or three.

Saturday Morning Reading Recommendations

I’m going to start off with a bit of self-promo. Nocturnal Origins, the first book in the Nocturnal Lives series, is on sale for $0.99. I’ve dropped the price in anticipation of the upcoming release of Nocturnal Challenge.

Some things can never be forgotten, no matter how hard you try.

Detective Sergeant Mackenzie Santos knows that bitter lesson all too well. The day she died changed her life and her perception of the world forever.It doesn’t matter that everyone, even her doctors, believe a miracle occurred when she awoke in the hospital morgue. Mac knows better. It hadn’t been a miracle, at least not a holy one. As far as she’s concerned, that’s the day the dogs of Hell came for her.

Investigating one of the most horrendous murders in recent Dallas history, Mac also has to break in a new partner and deal with nosy reporters who follow her every move and who publish confidential details of the investigation without a qualm.

Complicating matters even more, Mac learns the truth about her family and herself, a truth that forces her to deal with the monster within, as well as those on the outside.But none of this matters as much as discovering the identity of the murderer before he can kill again.

The Chaplain’s War

by Brad Torgersen

The mantis cyborgs: insectlike, cruel, and determined to wipe humanity from the face of the galaxy.

The Fleet is humanity’s last chance: a multi-world, multi-national task force assembled to hold the line against the aliens’ overwhelming technology and firepower. Enter Harrison Barlow, who like so many young men of wars past, simply wants to serve his people and partake of the grand adventure of military life. Only, Harrison is not a hot pilot, nor a crack shot with a rifle. What good is a Chaplain’s Assistant in the interstellar battles which will decide the fate of all?

More than he thinks. Because while the mantis insectoids are determined to eliminate the human threat to mantis supremacy, they remember the errors of their past. Is there the slightest chance that humans might have value? Especially since humans seem to have the one thing the mantes explicitly do not: an innate ability to believe in what cannot be proven nor seen God. Captured and stranded behind enemy lines, Barlow must come to grips with the fact that he is not only bargaining for his own life, but the lives of everyone he knows and loves. And so he embarks upon an improbable gambit, determined to alter the course of the entire war.


by Mackey Chandler

April is an exceptional young lady and something of a snoop. After a chance encounter with a spy, she finds herself involved with political intrigues that stretch her abilities. There is a terrible danger she, and her friends and family, will lose the only home she has ever known, and be forced to live on the slum ball Earth below. It’s more than an almost fourteen year old should have to deal with. Fortunately she has a lot of smart friends and allies. It’s a good things because things get very rough and dicey. They challenge the political status quo, and with a small population the only advantage they have in war is a thin technological edge.

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