I’m still reading

As I noted in yesterday’s post, real life has been a bitch the last week or so. Because of that, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. This has been reading for pleasure, to escape the problems that have been beating me over the head. So, John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising series has been burning up my Kindle and I’ve been loving his take on the zombie apocalypse. I’ll continue the reviews […]

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An update and reading for pleasure

Sorry for the silence, everyone, but real life has been kicking my butt. The rehab on the injured Achilles is ongoing and that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, my 80+ year old mother has not been doing real well this past week. Nothing terribly serious but bad enough that it has impacted her not only physically but emotionally and that, in turn, impacts me. Things are finally starting to loo up there, so I […]

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Accountability Post

Like many writers, I belong to several writing related groups. Two are in-person critique (and support) groups. There are several on-line groups as well. One of those is a private group where we don’t so much critique one another’s work as we’re there to answer questions about the process, discuss what we’re doing and why, and brainstorm. Yet there was no accountability. Until this past week when my friend and fellow blogger […]

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Imagine my surprise

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled, pre-coffee, to my laptop and one of the first things I see is a notice from WordPress that my blog activity has spiked. Imagine my surprise to see it and know I hadn’t posted anything new for a few days. Imagine my surprise when I check the referrals to my blog and see that I’ve had a number of visitors suddenly showing up thanks to Twitter […]

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Authors behaving whiney

I wasn’t going to write this post. I really wasn’t. Instead, I was going to link to my post over at Mad Genius Club this morning. However, this relates in a way. Besides, this is a cautionary tale on what not to do. Several weeks ago, a number of Facebook groups I belong to were spammed by someone promoting his first book. Okay, that happens. I don’t particularly like the spam method […]

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Getting the creative juices flowing again

A couple of quick notes first. I have a blog post up at Twisted Writers today discussing what platforms you can look at when going the indie route. Coincidentally, my friend Cedar Sanderson has one up at Mad Genius Club on “the fading stigmata of self-publishing“. Finally, we got our first look at the new royalty payments for Kindle Unlimited titles and, so far, I am very pleased with what I’m seeing. […]

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Blogging elsewhere today

I have a guest post up at According to Hoyt and then today is my regular day at Mad Genius Club. I also recommend this post by my friend Cedar Sanderson. For those who don’t know Cedar, she is one of the nicest women I have had the pleasure to know. She will bend over backwards to help someone and, in her spare time — that giggling you hear is hers and […]

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Thursday update

For the record, I am alive. I’m not sure I want to be, but I am. No, nothing serious just high level of pain and that cuts into the ability to think, much less work. Who knew an injured foot could cause so much disruption in my life.  Anyway, with the boot, I can at least sit at the desk a little more each day than I had been able to and each […]

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Murphy struck and I’m fighting back

Sorry for the long silence, folks, but the last week and a half have been interesting in the not so good way. I’ve detailed part of it over on Mad Genius Club today. Let’s just say that Murphy, in his form of a gremlin, has struck my tech and tried his best to wreak havoc on my life. And I am not amused. Long story short, I’ve done very little online of […]

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OMG, stop

Welcome to everyone coming over from The Passive Voice. PG. thanks for the link! Just a short post to vent a little. I expect some authors to hate Amazon. A number have bought the propaganda that they have been told by their agents and publishers. They have forgotten that the locally owned bookstores were pushed out of the market by the likes of Barnes & Noble, Borders, Bookstop and others long before […]

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