“Verified Purchase” continued — again

And the circular responses continue. After receiving Steve’s response to my follow-up query about whether or not reviews posted by KU subscribers were listed as “verified purchases”, I sent yet another email to Amazon asking for clarification. Specifically, I wanted to know if there were any plans to change the fact reviews posted by KU subscribers were not given any additional weight over non-verified purchases. While books downloaded as part of the KU […]

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More on Amazon “verified purchase”

I promised an update when I heard back — again — from Amazon. I had the following email waiting for me when I got up this morning: Hello Amanda, My name is Steve, I am a Senior Customer Service agent. It was brought to my attention the comments that you left in the survey. When someone borrows your book from the Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Owner’s Lending Library programs and they leave […]

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And the misconceptions continue

I knew last month when Amazon announced the changes to the payment schedule for the KU/KOLL programs that there would be the immediate knee jerk reaction we see so often where Bezos and company are concerned. The haters would come out of the woodwork, scream about how Amazon was out to screw everyone and then those who wouldn’t take time to actually research the situation would climb onboard the “I hate Amazon” […]

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Update to question about “verified purchase” for Amazon review purposes

I just received the following response to my question about whether those who download a book through the Kindle Unlimited program would be listed as a “verified purchase” for review purposes. Hi, I hope this email finds you well! I see you’d like to know if KOLL/KU sales are allowed to leave reviews. Yes, basically, all readers that bought your book from Amazon will be considered as verified purchases and will be allowed to […]

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Information requested

I have sent an email to Amazon, specifically to the KDP side of things, asking whether or not titles downloaded as part of the Kindle Unlimited program count as verified purchases. When KU first began, I asked the question and was told by one CSR that they did not and by another tat they did. I left it with that confusion because, at that time, it didn’t really matter. But with Amazon’s […]

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It’s the first . . .

and the cries of dismay and disdain have already begun over on the Kindle and KDP boards. Folks are in a panic because they checked into their sales dashboards this morning and — gasp — things have changed. How dare they do that! Oh, wait, you mean I should have read that e-mail Amazon sent detailing changes to how they report and pay out for loans under Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select? […]

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And I’m back

No, I wasn’t gone for the reasons I’d hoped for. Instead of enjoying the fun of LibertyCon, I was busy dealing with a family issue that had to take precedence over everything. Finally, fortunately, things appear to be getting back to normal. Fingers crossed that nothing else happens. Murphy can most definitely go visit someone else. So, my last post was on accountability. In the spirit of that post, I can say […]

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Accountability post

Yesterday our critique group met and, as is usual, I asked everyone what they happened to be working on. Part of the reason I do that is so I know what might be coming in for critique for our next meeting. Another reason, the most important reason, is to hold each of us accountable for what we are doing — or not. It is very easy to say “I don’t have time […]

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Where is Chicken Little?

I can’t tell you where Chicken Little is, but I can tell you where his cousins and siblings are. They are hanging around the “Amazon is evil” campfire and on some of the Kindle boards. They are running around, pointing their fingers and crying “foul” over changes to the KDP Select rules pertaining to borrows. Now, I will admit I have some questions about the new program but I also have been […]

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I can hardly wait

For years, Bioware has been one of my favorite game developers when it comes to RPGs. There are a number of reasons why but it all really comes down to one main thing — the story. The first Bioware game I remember playing is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. That was quickly followed by Jade Empire. Later came the Mass Effect trilogy and the three Dragon Age games. I have […]

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