Blogging at Mad Genius Club this morning

I’m blogging over at Mad Genius Club this morning. Please go check it out. We’ve been discussing how to go from rough idea all the way through to publishing your book. Today I give a quick rundown on how to convert your manuscript to digital format. I’ll be back later this morning with a post here. Right now, I need to find more coffee, maybe some food and try to get some […]

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No apologies here

I just finished reading a post saying that we, as Americans and as a country, should be ashamed of ourselves. The reason for this condemnation? The report on the CIA’s actions — the torture of those who want nothing more than to see our country destroyed. The author of the post noted that we should have done better. After all, we managed to win two world wars without resorting to such action. […]

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Further adventures of demon kitten

DK, also known as Demon Kitten or Brat, is a good cat — when he’s sleeping. At other times, he is either demanding love or doing his best to drive me insane. He is the first cat I’ve had where I can truly say he is a dog in cat’s clothing. He acts like a dog in many ways, which would make sense in an odd sort of way if we still […]

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A look at one author’s decision to go indie – pt. 2

Yesterday, I posted about Brenna Aubrey’s decision to go indie a year ago and took a look at the general terms of a contract she had been offered by a traditional publisher. Today, I want to discuss some of the things she’s learned over this past year. For her full post about what’s happened over the last year, check here. One of the things she mentions in her list of things she’s learned […]

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A look at one author’s decision to go indie — pt. 1

A year ago, author Brenna Aubrey made the decision to turn down a traditional publishing contract for three books in order to go indie. At the time, she blogged about her decision, her reasoning behind it and, if I remember correctly, her concerns. I remember reading her blog entry back then and wondering how she’d fared after taking a step a lot of us might find difficult. Now, one year later, Aubrey is […]

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What the hell were they thinking?

I wasn’t going to blog again this soon today. Nor was I going to blog about this topic. But, as I said in my earlier posts, the distractions abound and this one just screams for comment. For years our education system has been imploding and, in the process, taking the students with it. Focus has been taken away from teaching content to teaching to the test. Some districts don’t allow homework to […]

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The distractions are many

I really did try to get back to the blog yesterday but, well, life interfered as it often does. I had a wonderful meeting with a couple of friends about an issue we are all having. I think we have a good handle on how to deal with the situation but only time will tell. Then I did a video conference with some creative writing students. Not sure I helped them any […]

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A couple of quick thoughts

This is my usual day to blog over at Mad Genius Club. Today’s topic is how to make your manuscript look good in preparation for conversion to digital format. You can check it out here. This is one of a series of posts we’ll be doing about how to take your rough draft through to both digital and print formats. Also, if you aren’t already doing it, google your name, your titles […]

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Why not take responsibility?

As noted in my previous post, I’m blogging at According to Hoyt today. I knew when I wrote the post that there would be those who disagreed with me. That’s fine. I’m a big girl and can take my lumps. Hell, I enjoy having a good debate with someone because I might learn something. But it is those who dig their heels in, put on their blinders and refuse to admit that […]

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It seems appropriate that on a Monday morning, the “beginning” of the work week, my thoughts turn to the beginnings of a novel. Part of the reason stems from a discussion in my critique group yesterday and part from a discussion LinkedIn thought I would be interested in. Anyway. . . . Let’s face it, the start of a novel will determine whether or not someone continues reading your book or tosses […]

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