Sequels, series and the headaches therein

Hopefully, I’ll have a snippet later today but I’ll be honest. The writing has been pretty non-existent the last few weeks for a number of reasons. The latest has been the reality of living in a house that is closing in on being 40 years old. Tuesday of this week saw plumbers out to do some pretty hefty repairs and I had to have some dead limbs removed from on of the […]

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Amazon finally speaks out

I’ll be back later today with more on this. But, in case you missed it, Amazon has finally spoken out about their stance in the contract negotiations with Hatchette. They even use math –which hurts my brain this early in the morning. What strikes me though, as I read the announcement, is that Amazon is the one looking out not only for its customers but also for the authors. Or at least […]

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A rant, a link and the need for coffee

Since this is Tuesday, it’s my day to blog over at Mad Genius Club. That’s the rant and more than a bit of a snark. It is in response to an article proposing a little socialism to save our publishing industry. From my post: The other day, Cedar pointed me to a post over at The Passive Voice with a warning that my head would explode when I read the headline and then the […]

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Grow up

There are times when I simply want to stand in the middle of the street and yell, at the top of my lungs, “Grow up!” Well, to be honest, there’s another word I’d add to that, but it’s early and I’m really trying to be good. That desire has been especially strong the last day or two as I read the posts complaining about ComicCon and as I read comments on other […]

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I really didn’t want to do a rant

I really didn’t. It’s Sunday and I have work to do, much too much of it. But what’s a gal to do when one of the first things she sees, even before her first cup of coffee has finished brewing, is a note from someone hoping that a publisher would go back and edit a work by one of the Grand Masters of Science Fiction because — gasp — there was a […]

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Promoting our work is the bane of many writers. We’d much rather be sitting at our desk — or in a coffee shop or the library or wherever — than trying to promote our work. Because of that, those of us who are part of the Mad Genius Club blog, are trying harder to do promo posts. That’s what we’re doing over there this morning and I’m carrying that over to here […]

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Should you abandon the Smashwords ship?

One of the things I’m constantly advocating to my writer’s group, and basically to anyone who wants to write and who will stop and listen for a few moments, is the need to keep on top of what is happening in the publishing industry. The best way to do this is to keep an eye on publishing related blogs and sites such as Publisher’s Weekly. I also tell folks that, just like […]

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Professional Organizations and Exclusionary Rules

Yesterday, I noted briefly an announcement that Horror Writers of America had decided to allow self-published authors “pro” status in the organization if they met certain monetary requirements. That got me thinking about the other major writer’s organizations in the US and where they stand on indie authors. Unfortunately, my google-fu showed that things on the professional organization level are moving just about as quickly as they are on the traditional publishing […]

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Friday Book Recommendations

Here are a few reading suggestions for the upcoming weekend. April by Mackey Chandler (This is the first book in a series that comes highly recommended.) April is an exceptional young lady and something of a snoop. After a chance encounter with a spy, she finds herself involved with political intrigues that stretch her abilities. There is a terrible danger she, and her friends and family, will lose the only home she […]

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HWA does what SFWA has yet to do

Just saw this and wanted to point it out. I’m very pleased to say that the HWA Referendum that I help write with fellow members A.J. Klein and Michaelbrent Collings on including self-published work for membership qualification for both Active and Associate members has passed with a 70% to 28% margin in favor, with 2% abstaining from the vote.Self-publishers who have generated $2000 in earnings within two years of initial publication date […]

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