Expectations and goals meet real life

Like so many others, with the New Year, I made certain promises to myself about what I was going to do. I won’t call them resolutions because they weren’t. Not really. But they were planning and promotional goals I was going to really try to hit. One of those was regular blogging. It might not be every day but it would be on a set schedule and only emergencies would interrupt. Well, […]

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I have them this morning. The last eight hours have seen me and mine knocked head over heels by two different events that affect people we love dearly. One I’m not at liberty to talk about right now and the other I won’t because I don’t know if everyone who needs to know does yet. One event had been expected — and dreaded. The other, well, it came out of the blue […]

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Are you willing to stand up and be heard?

The other day, I posted what was basically nothing more than a placeholder and promised to be back with a “real” post later. I hadn’t meant for it to be so long before I returned but, to be honest, if I had returned any sooner, you would have seen my brains splattered all over the page simply because of the idiocy and misinformation that has been bouncing around the internet. There really […]

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Tuesday morning

I’ll be back later with a “real” post. However, I have posted over at Mad Genius Club this morning about best seller lists, what they mean and why e-books so often aren’t discussed when talking about these lists. You can find that post here. Now I’m off to put in some more work on Nocturnal Challenge and see if I can’t torture those characters as much as they are torturing me. Be […]

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Setting the stage

As writers, one of the first things we have to do in our stories is set the stage. We have to put the readers into the story in such a way that they want to continue reading. But setting the stage is more than that. It is laying the groundwork for everything that will follow. Readers are more discerning today — or maybe just pickier — than they once were. They want […]

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And the idiocy continues

As the world continues to watch the unfolding drama of the terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the debate rages over whether we should be worried about whether the reaction to the attack will cause the radicalization of Muslims in France or the attack on free speech the attack represented. Others are busy apologizing to all followers of Islam for what they see as an unreasonable and knee-jerk condemnation of […]

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Je Suis Charlie

If you haven’t seen “Je Suis Charlie” in the last 18 hours, you’ve either been completely off-line and away from TV, radio and newspapers or you’ve been living under a rock. Paris has been rocked by a terrorist attack on the offices of satirical press Charlie Hebdo. The paper has been the target of threats from Islamic terrorists for years. It was only four years ago that the paper was firebombed in […]

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Elf in the Shelf or Big Brother

I will admit right here that I am not a fan of Elf on the Shelf. The elf is a little creepy and, since my son is grown and out of the house, I didn’t even know there was a book that went along with it. But I did know the general principle behind the elf. Mom and Dad bring it out at the beginning of the holiday season and secretly move […]

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It’s beginning to look a lot like. . .

all those other holidays when something goes wrong. It has been a running joke in the family for a number of years now that the sink will back up or the dishwasher overflow or something similar will happen over the holidays. It almost invariably happens either during dinner prep or the cleanup afterwards. I’ve become quite adept at removing the u-joint and cleaning the trap under the kitchen sink. In fact, as […]

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Sunday thoughts

Sunday mornings used to be when I’d sprawl on the floor and read the comics and watch cartoons. Things haven’t changed all that much. I still read the morning paper — usually in digital form now — and watch cartoons. Oops, that should have been the news. It is the one morning of the week when I take my time over the paper, drinking coffee and deciding if I want to cook […]

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