It’s doing what?

(I’m going to steer clear of the Brexit vote today. Not because I don’t have things to say but because there is so much hand wringing and head shaking and doom-saying that I have already had enough of it this morning. I’ll have something to say, probably next week. Besides, BN has made a couple of announcements that have me shaking my head and wondering what the heck is going on.) I […]

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When you know it’s wrong

I’ve been struggling with the second short story in the Honor & Ashes universe for more than a week now. Oh, I have the very rough draft done but the final draft just wasn’t happening. Night before last, I woke and thought I had the answer. Heck, it even kept me up much of the night as I considered what my subconscious had been telling me. Unfortunately, that was just the first […]

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The post where I make folks mad

Reading the paper this morning, I found myself gnashing my teeth together as one of the columnists went on a not-too-sublte attempt to promote tighter gun regulation. To prove her point, she used both anecdotal evidence as well as the column by an anesthesia resident in New York (if I remember correctly) to talk about how no one who has ever been shot ever fully recovers. Her point was that there are […]

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Being clueless is not a good way to run a business

Sometimes, I wonder if the bean counters of traditional publishing ever look beyond their spreadsheets. Do they look at any of the online forums frequented by readers and authors? Do they look at things like Authors Earnings? I found myself wondering it again as I read this article in Publisher’s Weekly. The short version of the article is simple. Traditional publishing isn’t making as much from the sale of e-books than it […]

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No, it wasn’t martial law

Like many who live in the DFW area, yesterday was one of those days when you wondered if it might not be a good time to be somewhere else. No, not because of the heat. Not because traffic sucked eggs because of all the construction around the area. It seems The Donald was in town. After a week of hearing the comedy of errors that was his advance team’s attempt to find […]

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I’m baaaack. . .

Maybe. Yesterday was one of those days when, after too much stress, the mind and body simply got together and firmly said, “Nope, not gonna work, not gonna think, not gonna do anything.” It was one of those moments when I realized just how long it has been since I’ve had a real vacation — one where I don’t work, write or kill myself working around the house. I won’t go into […]

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Taking the Day Off

There’s not going to be a blog today. Sorry, guys. I need a day off. Yesterday was one of those days when everything I needed to accomplish got pushed to the side by contretemps and brush fires that had to be dealt with. By the end of the day, everything still sat on my desk where it had begun the day, So, to get back on track and try to catch up, […]

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Microsoft at E3

I’ll admit, I didn’t have high expectations for much new coming out of Microsoft’s E3 press conference yesterday. Part of that is because I’m primarily a PC gamer. So I didn’t have a lot of interest in finding out if a new XBOX was coming out or a slimmer model, etc. While I love Halo, it’s not enough to make me buy a console just to play one or two games on. […]

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June 14th

June 14th is Flag Day. It commemorates the adoption by the Second Continental Congress of the flag on June 14, 1777. One hundred years ago, Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation declaring June 14th to be Flag Day. In 1949, Congress established a National Flag Day, leaving the formal “proclamation” to the President each year. On June 10th of this year, President Obama issued his proclamation declaring Flag Day and National Flag Week. June […]

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Oooh, shiny

This time every year, gamers turn their attention to E3 to see if there will be new console or handheld gaming system announced and to see what new games are going to be teased. This year is no exception. Even though E3 hasn’t officially started, there have already been some exciting news coming out of the different venues. Let’s start with EA’s press conference yesterday. I know, I know. EA is an abomination […]

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