Strong women in science fiction – a few thoughts

Earlier today, I read a comment from someone complaining that the women characters in science fiction are nothing but “men with boobs”. He longed for the days when female characters resembled those written by Jane Austen or appeared in Shakespearean comedies. The gist of his argument was that male conservative authors are basically giving preference to female leads who can hold their own with their male counterparts. There is more to it but, […]

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Look what’s coming

First off, I have a post up at Mad Genius Club this morning. Please check it out. Next, I want to let everyone know about a promotion a number of indie and hybrid authors, including yours truly, will be taking part in over the Labor Day Weekend. Starting Friday and running through Monday, more than 100 titles will be listed at $2.99 or less. Whether you like science fiction or fantasy, romance […]

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(Edited to add a quick welcome to everyone coming over from According to Hoyt.) I first came across TANSTAAFL years ago. It was a hot, humid summer day in the “wonderful” city of Ardomre, Oklahoma. For those of you lucky enough to have never had to spend any time in Ardmore, think of it this way. For a teenager too young to drive but too old to be satisfied playing by herself […]

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Amazon does it again

Yes, Amazon has done it again — good, the not-so-good and the in-between. Let’s start with the the not-so-good and the in-between because they go together. Kindle Unlimited. I guess you could say this is the big brother, possibly on steroids, of the Kindle Lending Library. Where the KOLL allowed Prime members to borrow a book a month, iirc, from eligible titles, KU is a subscription service that allows up to 10 borrows […]

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Check out Mad Genius Club

I have a post up at Mad Genius Club this morning discussing the email Amazon sent to KDP authors yesterday and the reaction some folks have had to it. One day, they will learn not to tic me off before my third cup of the coffee, especially on mornings when I’m trying to finish a very late editing project. Check it out here.

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An update, a few thoughts and more

Life is slowly getting back to normal, or at least as normal as my life ever is. This past year has been rife with emergencies of various sorts, changes and challenges. In other words, it’s been life. But things are settling down now and it looks like I will finally be able to get the backlog of editing for NRP finished in the next week, one project by the end of the […]

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Into the cornfield — not

Just when you think the idiocy of the knee jerk reaction to anything Amazon does, or doesn’t do, can’t get any worse, you find it. Today’s reaction comes from the typical crew of Amazon haters. I’d been expecting them to whinge and whine about news that Amazon was introducing same day delivery for some items in certain markets. After all, what could be worse than — gasp — making your customers happy […]

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I really am a writer

It’s been a little more than four years since my first novel was published. There are times when it seems a lifetime ago but, more often than not, it seems like just yesterday. That first novel came about from something very much like a dare. Sarah A. Hoyt, mentor and friend and she with the pointy boots she isn’t afraid to apply to my posterior, and I had gone to the annual […]

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Sequels, series and the headaches therein

Hopefully, I’ll have a snippet later today but I’ll be honest. The writing has been pretty non-existent the last few weeks for a number of reasons. The latest has been the reality of living in a house that is closing in on being 40 years old. Tuesday of this week saw plumbers out to do some pretty hefty repairs and I had to have some dead limbs removed from on of the […]

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Amazon finally speaks out

I’ll be back later today with more on this. But, in case you missed it, Amazon has finally spoken out about their stance in the contract negotiations with Hatchette. They even use math –which hurts my brain this early in the morning. What strikes me though, as I read the announcement, is that Amazon is the one looking out not only for its customers but also for the authors. Or at least […]

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