Man, this has been a long week. Long but productive on a number of different fronts. While no writing has gotten done but I had the pleasure of editing — not that much was needed — Cedar Sanderson’s next novel, Dragon Noir. More on that in a bit. I also have been re-reading both Vengeance from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 1) and Duty from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 2), building […]

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Raising boys

You can thank Yahoo and a link I saw there much too early this morning for this post. (Of course, now I can’t find the link.) It was with a great deal of trepidation that I clicked on the link. Anything that basically says “Here are X-number of rules for raising boys” sets off my internal alarms. As the mother of a grown son, I’ve already raised my “boy” and, if I […]

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And we have a diagnosis

I want to thank you guys who have been following and saying extra prayers as I’ve whinged and cringed and worried the last couple of months as Mom has gone through her medical problems. You’ve listened — well read — as I’ve talked about the MRI, the halter monitor, etc. But yesterday we finally got an answer about what’s been going on. After a marathon session at the ENT, and I do […]

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Some Discworld Bargains

I am going to be spending some hours sitting in waiting rooms today, so I was trolling Amazon for something to read. I came across these books by Sir Terry Pratchett at prices that surprised me. Now, these aren’t necessarily the best of his Discworld series, but I have yet to read anything by PTerry that I haven’t enjoyed. Anyway, I thought I would share my finds. Guards! Guards! (Discworld Book 8) — […]

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I didn’t forget

Really, I didn’t. It’s just that I made the mistake of looking at my main site today and realizing it hadn’t been updated in, well, forever. So I nuked it from orbit and completely rebuilt it. It is still a work in progress but at least it is now up-to-date. You can check it out here. I shall return shortly, or not so shortly, with a post. But I need to walk […]

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Using common sense

There are times when I despair for the future, not only of this country but of humanity as a whole. Usually, the issue comes down to the simple lack of common sense being exercised by the person in question. This morning started out that way. I’ll get to that in a moment. But let me start by noting that I have a post up over at Otherwhere Gazette this morning and a […]

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Saturday morning links

Today I’m blogging over at Twisted Writers. If you haven’t checked the blog out this week, please take a few minutes and do so. The blog consists of six of us who form the Twisted Writers critique group. Going hand-in-hand with that, one of our members, AJ Prince, has been interviewing each of us over on her blog. You can find her interview of me here. I’ll try to be back later […]

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An interesting question

Over at Black Gate, Harry Connelly talks about writing to your audience, attack novels and an urban fantasy he has been writing for awhile. Normally, I’d skim the post and move on. Every author I know, yours truly included, has their own thoughts about whether or not you should write to your audience. But Connelly brought up a couple of good points and ended with a question that had me thinking, not […]

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Please tell me this is a joke

I found the image below on FB this morning and I am really, really hoping that the originator of it was joking. For one thing, the vast majority of guys not only know everything it says but they follow it. But what really got to me reading the list is that there is nothing on it pertaining to the girl in the equation. It takes all responsibility off of her. But we […]

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What I’m up to now

As you guys know, I got bitten by a book I hadn’t planned on writing. In a way, that’s a bad thing because I really needed to be working on something else. In another way, it was good because the other project just wasn’t happening for me. So I put it to one side for several weeks and the fantasy novel came pouring out. That is a good thing, not because I […]

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