Thursday update

For the record, I am alive. I’m not sure I want to be, but I am. No, nothing serious just high level of pain and that cuts into the ability to think, much less work. Who knew an injured foot could cause so much disruption in my life.  Anyway, with the boot, I can at least sit at the desk a little more each day than I had been able to and each […]

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Murphy struck and I’m fighting back

Sorry for the long silence, folks, but the last week and a half have been interesting in the not so good way. I’ve detailed part of it over on Mad Genius Club today. Let’s just say that Murphy, in his form of a gremlin, has struck my tech and tried his best to wreak havoc on my life. And I am not amused. Long story short, I’ve done very little online of […]

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OMG, stop

Welcome to everyone coming over from The Passive Voice. PG. thanks for the link! Just a short post to vent a little. I expect some authors to hate Amazon. A number have bought the propaganda that they have been told by their agents and publishers. They have forgotten that the locally owned bookstores were pushed out of the market by the likes of Barnes & Noble, Borders, Bookstop and others long before […]

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Oh my. The Amazon haters have been out in droves of late. Between those who are complaining that the new rules for payouts for titles downloaded and read via the Kindle Unlimited/KOLL programs and the media stirring up outrage over the supposed lack of “real” deals for Prime Day, it would be easy to think Amazon is nothing but a money-grabbing corporate whore. There are a few problems with this, of course. […]

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No doubt it’s Monday

There is no doubt it is Monday when you open the paper or watch the news and realize that common sense has, once again, flown out the door. If it isn’t that then it is people coming to towns where they have no ties and connections to stir the pot in the hopes of causing trouble. Big Brother is watching, except now Big Brother is getting help from certain folks who just […]

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“Verified Purchase” continued — again

And the circular responses continue. After receiving Steve’s response to my follow-up query about whether or not reviews posted by KU subscribers were listed as “verified purchases”, I sent yet another email to Amazon asking for clarification. Specifically, I wanted to know if there were any plans to change the fact reviews posted by KU subscribers were not given any additional weight over non-verified purchases. While books downloaded as part of the KU […]

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More on Amazon “verified purchase”

I promised an update when I heard back — again — from Amazon. I had the following email waiting for me when I got up this morning: Hello Amanda, My name is Steve, I am a Senior Customer Service agent. It was brought to my attention the comments that you left in the survey. When someone borrows your book from the Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Owner’s Lending Library programs and they leave […]

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And the misconceptions continue

I knew last month when Amazon announced the changes to the payment schedule for the KU/KOLL programs that there would be the immediate knee jerk reaction we see so often where Bezos and company are concerned. The haters would come out of the woodwork, scream about how Amazon was out to screw everyone and then those who wouldn’t take time to actually research the situation would climb onboard the “I hate Amazon” […]

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Update to question about “verified purchase” for Amazon review purposes

I just received the following response to my question about whether those who download a book through the Kindle Unlimited program would be listed as a “verified purchase” for review purposes. Hi, I hope this email finds you well! I see you’d like to know if KOLL/KU sales are allowed to leave reviews. Yes, basically, all readers that bought your book from Amazon will be considered as verified purchases and will be allowed to […]

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Information requested

I have sent an email to Amazon, specifically to the KDP side of things, asking whether or not titles downloaded as part of the Kindle Unlimited program count as verified purchases. When KU first began, I asked the question and was told by one CSR that they did not and by another tat they did. I left it with that confusion because, at that time, it didn’t really matter. But with Amazon’s […]

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