Life has been interesting

The blog has been silent for the last several weeks and I apologize for that. I won’t bore you with all the details but life has been interesting and there are just some times when it is best not to say anything. No, nothing is wrong with me or mine — well, nothing that dropping temps below triple digits won’t cure. The simple truth is that I had to pull back from […]

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Every time I start a new project, I want to scream. I have the first very rough draft done. (Of late, that means I have probably half of the final word count done but little dialog, scenes that may or may not make the final cut and a lot of editorial notes about what needs to be done.) But the beginning chapter or two have yet to gel. I worry about whether […]

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Just Say No To Sanctimonious Rants – by Kate Paulk

(Kate is my sister from another mother. She is one of the nicest people I know — until she comes across someone climbing on their soapbox without doing adequate research. That is especially true when they are trying to talk about the evils of a bit of coding and they don’t take the time to research the topic. You see, Kate’s 9 – 5 job is to test coding and tell programmers […]

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The decline and fall of good intentions

Most people start projects with the best of intentions. It doesn’t matter if it is a school project or something for work or social media. Too often, unfortunately, those intentions get subverted somewhere along the line. It might be a case of “ooh, shiny” that sends us running off in another direction. It might be we get bored and realize the project isn’t going to work the way we want. Or it […]

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A quick note

Thanks to everyone for their support of Taking Flight (Honor and Duty) and Battle Bound (Honor and Duty). I promise to get Battle Wounds, the third short story in this particular story arc in the Honor and Duty universe out in the next month to six week. I am going to take a bit of time away from the short stories, however, in order to finish up Dagger of Elanna (Sword of […]

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Battle Bound is Live!

About two weeks ago, I published the first in a series of short stories set in the Honor and Duty universe. Taking Flight told the story of Ashlyn Shaw’s first assignment as a member of the Fuerconese Marine Corps. The second story, Battle Bound (Honor and Duty), is now live. It takes place approximately 4 years before Vengeance from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 1). Newly promoted, Captain Ashlyn Shaw has been ordered […]

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Dallas will survive

I am so proud of my adopted hometown. I say adopted for several reason. First, I wasn’t born a Texan butI got here just as soon as my parents could make the trek from Armpit, OK to Texas. Second, I don’t live in Dallas proper. In fact, I don’t even live in Dallas County. I do live in Tarrant County and have always felt more connection to Dallas than to Fort Worth. […]

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Today, the city of Dallas and the surrounding area is in mourning. Last night, near the end of a peaceful demonstration, terror erupted. Shots rang out from above and ten officers and one civilian were injured. As of a few minutes ago, the death count stands at five and it may go higher. One suspected sniper is dead and at least two other suspects are in custody. Along with the sorrow we […]

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When characters start demanding a change of pace

As those of you who regularly follow the blog know, I’ve been working on a series of short stories set in the Honor and Duty (3 Book Series) universe. Part of this is to give fans of the series a reward for sticking with me after the fiasco that the release of Honor from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 3) turned into. Part of it is, to be honest, to give me […]

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Where have all the good journalists gone?

There’s a song, I think by Bonnie Tyler, asking where all the heroes have gone. I think it is time we ask ourselves where have all the good journalists gone. Where are the Ernie Pyles and the Edward R. Murrows? I’m not talking about journalists who take so-called facts, fail to check them and then run with the story. Of course for that to happen, we would have to have heads of […]

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