Consent is not an app on your phone

One day, I’m going to learn that my sanity is best served by not watching the morning news. Between the insanity surrounding the upcoming elections to what is happening on our college campuses, there are times I wonder if we all haven’t fallen down the rabbit hole. This morning, college campuses are the cause of my headache. Let me start by saying I have absolutely no patience or sympathy for any man […]

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Tuesday morning thoughts

The world didn’t come to an end overnight and I managed not to gouge my eyes out or poison myself with alcohol. The latter two were definite possibilities as I watched the opening half hour of the debate. That was about as long as I could stand it. Even my mother, who enjoys watching these sort of train wrecks more than I do, was ready to turn it off at that point. […]

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Do your research

Just a quick comment this morning. I’ll be back in a bit — after coffee. The news is on this morning and GMA is reporting on a story about a mother who has reversed her stance as an anti-vaccer. In this case, she bought into the propaganda that vaccinations cause more problems than they solve. Except, her children as well as herself and her husband became ill with the rotavirus because the […]

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Fall has come and so have the shows to avoid

I’m not a big TV watcher. However, I spend most evenings in the den with my mother as she watches TV. Usually, I’m either gaming or writing and can ignore what’s on the boob-tube. Last night was the exception as we tried watching a couple of of the new shows that we had DVR’d earlier in the week. First up was the remake of MacGyver. I’m old enough to have watched the […]

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On Writing and Promotion

I don’t know a single writer who wouldn’t rather write than promote. That is especially true in this day of the ever-changing publishing landscape. Indies, and even authors who sign with small presses, know that part of our job is to promote our work. What so many who are trying to break into the business don’t understand is that signing a contract with a major publisher doesn’t remove promotion from their job […]

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How the media frames a story

As I sit here watching the morning news, I can only shake my head over the events that have been happening in Charlotte. I’m not going to comment on whether or not the police were justified in shooting Keith Lamont Scott. Why I’m withholding comment is simple: I want to see the bodycam videos of the incident. When I do, I will be able to make a more informed opinion than I […]

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Dagger of Elanna — snippet 4

As with other snippets posted on this site, this is a rough draft.  Don’t be surprised if you find placeholders for names or places. They are there to help me remember to go back to the story bible and confirm spellings, etc. By the time the book goes to publication, it will be edited and so the final version very well be different from what you see here. Copyright 2016 by Amanda S. […]

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Tuesday morning thoughts

Today is my day over at Mad Genius Club. I’ll admit it. I climbed on my soapbox this morning after seeing an article about how a writer quit her day job weeks before her first book came out (she signed with a traditional publisher) and who now is faced with the harsh reality of bills needing to be paid. She now finds herself in the same situation so many writers are faced […]

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Dagger of Elanna – Snippet 3

This book has been delayed for several reasons, life being the main one. The other is that I realized once I finished the rough draft that the beginning just wasn’t right. So I went back and have been completely rewriting the opening third or so of the novel. It feel right now. That means the work is coming easier and it should be going to the editor in another couple of weeks. As […]

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The problem with absolutes

Yesterday, I really wanted to avoid politics, controversy, and just about anything that would get my blood pressure up. Yesterday was, to me, a day of contemplation and remembrance. Like most Americans old enough to remember the events 15 years ago, I know exactly what I was doing when I first heard about a plane flying into one of the Twin Towers. I remember watching in disbelief as the second tower was […]

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