Water water everywhere

Mother Nature continued her assault against the state last night. Part of the DFW area received almost seven inches of rain overnight. For our part, we received something around two inches. Yes, the house flooded again. Yes, I took precautions. But that still meant that before my first cup of coffee, I was pulling up wet towels and dragging out the shop vac to such up the last of the water. So, […]

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Five days and counting

Fair warning. Next week will be very sparse for blogging. I’ll try to put up a couple of posts but they won’t be my priority. My son will be home for the first time in more than and year and I think everyone understands that family always comes first. So, please don’t think I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, never to return. I will. But for at least part of the week, […]

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It’s official. I fell through the rabbit hole.

There can be no other explanation. Why else have I spent much of the last three weeks fighting flooding and water damage due to rains in the house? Why else am I doing battle with Asus over my laptop, my less than 18 month old laptop? Why else do I wake up to idiocy from folks who decide that just because they don’t like someone who happens to like my work, I […]

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A few thoughts

Today is my day to blog over at Twisted Writers. As you can see, I wrote about the business of writing, something that I was hip deep in yesterday and will continue to be for the next several days. Then I have to get back into writing Skeletons in the Closet. Right now, it looks like it will wind up being a short novel, something along the line of 40-50,ooo words. That’s […]

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Once again, the stupid burns

I had hoped my Hugo-related posts were done, with the exception of giving my opinion on the nominees as I read them. But it is really difficult to stay out of the fray when those on the other side continue to attack. I’ve managed to keep from responding to any number of blog posts. I’ve even managed to keep from commenting on all the idiotic Facebook posts. And yes, some of them […]

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To write or not to write

Well, once again we woke to rain in the DFW area. If this keeps up, by the time the weekend is over, we will have had as much rain so far this year as we had all of last year. The upside of all this is that it is helping our lawns and, even more important, is filling bringing the drought to an end. The bad part is, when you have had […]

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Wednesday morning thoughts

I know I’ve been MIA again. Sorry but sometimes real life just demands I give it my undivided attention. Add in the fact that Skeletons in the Closet is rolling along in a way only it can and, well, I forgot about the blog. Heck, I barely remembered to blog over at Mad Genius Club yesterday. So, while Lexie and company are being as quiet as they ever are in the deepest, […]

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I see the sun!

What is that bright orb in the sky that hurts my eyes when I look at it? Yes, it has been that long since we’ve had a sunny morning here. At least it seems that way. The last couple of weeks have been rain, clouds, more rain and more clouds. I swear I checked my location on google maps a couple of times just to make sure I hadn’t been transported to […]

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I still live — I think

Well, I definitely have webs forming between fingers and toes and the weatherman just said we can get another 1 – 2 inches of rain tonight. That means, in all likelihood, that the bedroom, bath and dressing room will flood yet again. So, instead of putting the finally dry carpet pad and carpet back down, I think I will leave it up one more day. No sense risking it getting wet if […]

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There will be a post

but it will be delayed. I’ll be back in a couple of hours with a post.

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